High School World Languages

  • Welcome to our High School World Language page. We are proud to offer our POB community a robust and challenging world language program. We teach American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish. 

    All students enrolled in a level 3 world language class take the Checkpoint B examination in June. Successful completion of the Checkpoint B examination gives students access to the Advanced Regents diploma. 

    Students can earn college credit in our level 5 classes in one of two ways. Students can elect to take AP Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish and take the AP examination in May. Students can earn up to 6 college credits by successful completion of the AP examination. We offer college credit through our partnership with Adelphi University's College Credit Advantage Program in American Sign Language, French and Spanish. 

    A hallmark of our program is our World Language Honor Society. Each language has its own honor society. Our honor society students take part in a variety of after-school and community service activities. An important activity is offering after-school tutoring to students across the district! 

  • Our amazingly talented and caring team of teachers: 


    Ms. Karen Bullock (Spanish)

    Ms. Pan Sam Chan (Chinese)

    Ms. Teresa Clausi (Italian and Chinese)

    Ms. Erin DiGiuseppe (Spanish)

    Ms. Laura Eifert (Spanish)

    Ms. Theresa Gruick (American Sign Language)

    Ms. Marta Herrera (Spanish)

    Ms. Ellen Huang (Chinese)

    Ms. Jamie Ida (Spanish)

    Ms. Brianne Knight (American Sign Language)

    Ms. Ashley Lefevre (French)

    Ms. Nicolette Pupillo (Spanish and Italian)

    Ms. Gloria Ramirez (Spanish)

    Ms. Tara Schmeltz (Spanish)

    Ms. Jillian Strom (French)

    Ms. Vivian Wilson (Spanish)


  • Students enrolled in Spanish and French can access their textbook and workbook online at VHLCentral.com

    Please make sure to keep your VHL Central username and password safe! You can use your middle school VHL Central account for your high school classes too.