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  • Genevieve LaGattuta

    Mathematics Chairperson, K-12

    (516) 434-3197

    In order to move mountains, our theme for the 19-20 school year,
    we will need to productively struggle through our upcoming challenges
    and step outside of our comfort zones. Succinctly stated by Oscar Nowik,
    below are the things that will happen when we step out of our comfort zones:
    Sylvia Duckworth, Image by Oscar Nowik
     The POB Mathematics Department strives to maintain high standards in all
    classes while instilling a deep-rooted foundation in critical thinking and
    problem solving skills.  In offering a thoughtful curriculum, it is our intention
    to provide all students with opportunities that foster intellectual growth and
    curiosity.  We are hopeful that, throughout their mathematical journies,
    students have acquired the necessary skills to be adaptive problem solvers 
    and innovative thinkers in an ever-changing technological society.  
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    NYSED continues to provide updated resources for parents and educators about the Next Generation Standards for Mathematics. Please click on the blue links below to review these resources and be informed about the upcoming changes for 20-21. Throughout the transition to the Next Generation Standards for Mathematics, teachers will be incorporating mathematical terminology into the instruction that is related to the Next Generation Standards. 
    Updates from NYSED  (w/additional links) 
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