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    Welcome to the Plainview-Old Bethpage 
    Senior Citizen Club Webpage


    Director’s Welcome:

    This exciting program provides opportunities for social interaction, entertainment, education, and recreation for adventurous, fun-loving adults, at least 55 years young, residing in the Plainview-Old Bethpage community. We meet on Fridays throughout the year for entertainment and to discuss upcoming events such as theme/holiday parties and stimulating trips. Subgroups continue to form based on interests and needs throughout the year as well. If you are one to meet new people and socialize while going on exciting day trips and invigorating overnights, please join us. We look forward to celebrating the next chapter.


    Contact information:

    Lorraine Charletta


    Jamaica Ave School, 85 Jamaica Ave

    Plainview, New York, 11803

    Phone 516-937-6424 or 631-680-6657

    E-Mail: lcharletta@pobschools.org

    President Message:

    Hello, My name is Carol Kokol and I am the President of the POB Senior Citizen Club. We meet at the Jamaica Ave School every Friday at 9AM. I would like to welcome you to join the club and participate in our trips, parties and entertainment.

    POB Senior Citizen Club Officers & Staff

    Director- Lorraine Charletta
    President- Carol Kokol 

    Vice President- Carol Bernstein
    Recording Secretary- Lorraine Courounis  
    Treasurer- Martin Dashevsky
    Assistant Treasurer- Evelyn Jensen 
    Corresponding Secretary- Sandy Hinchy
    Computer Secretary- Joan Hydo

    Trustees- Caroline Ronan, Chris Durkel, Irene Kushner, Sandra Hinchy, 
    Livia Cheung, Connie Wurem, Camille Ciccolella
    Sunshine- Arlene Fishman
    Photographers- Connie Wurem & Livia Cheung
    Chair Telephone Squad- Edith Glicker
    Assistant Chair Telephone Squad- Jean Bernstein 
    Events Reporter- Dorothy Morris 
    Computer Tech- Joan Hydo 

    Emergency Phone Numbers 
    Carol K. 938-7238 / Carol B. 433-9437 

    Free transportation to POB Senior Citizens Meetings & Parties for non­drivers.
    Space is limited so first call, first served.
    Call Lorraine @ 516-681-5581 (leave a message) 48 hours prior to Friday to request pickups.
    Call before 8:30AM to cancel.