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    Topic 13: Earth's Geologic History

    Topic Outline:


    1. Relative Dating

        - Principle of Superposition

        - Intrusions/Extrusions/Inclusions

        - Rock Sequencing

    1. Absolute Age

        - Carbon 14 & Uranium 238

        - Half-life

        - radioactive decay

        - ESRT p. 1 and 3

    1. Correlation

        - use basic rock similarities:

            composition, color, thickness, fossils,


        - Index Fossils

        - volcanic ash/key layers             

        - unconformities

    1. Geologic History of NYS

         - ESRT p. 8-9



    Review Book Homework:


    HW#8- Geologic Dating   Due: 5/25

     read p. 278-280/Do p. 280-281, #1-7 AND

     read p.284-290/Do p.286-290 #21-46


    HW#9- Correlation          Due: 5/31

    read p.281-282/ Do p.283-284 #8-20     

                                                                 yes! same due date

    HW#10- Geologic History       Due: 5/31

    read p. 291-295/ Do p. 295 #47-52


    Online Homework:


    Earth’s History Video w/worksheet      Due: 5/30


    Using ESRT p. 8 & Using ESRT p. 9       on your own!

     (Just watch!)



    Class Assignments/Labs:


    Lab 5-1 Sequence of Events

       Correlation Lab

       Radioactivity Lab   








    Lab Quiz: 5-1 Sequencing Events




    Topic 13- Earth’s Geologic History 

                                          Date: 6/1


    Topic 12: Earth's Dynamic Crust 

    Topic Outline

    A. Earth’s Crust & Interior

        - analysis of seismic waves to “infer” interior

        - P and S waves/ ESRT p. 10

    B. Earthquakes

        - causes, focus, epicenter

        - seismograph readings

        - P & S wave travel time/distances/ESRTp 11

        - triangulation (finding an epicenter!)

        - Mercalli and Richter scales

        - tsunami

        - emergency preparedness

    C. Continental Drift

        - Wegener/Pangea/evidence

    1. Plate Tectonics

        - sonar mapping reveals seafloor spreading

        - evidence of SFS

        - 3 types of plate boundaries/ESRT p. 5

        - plate motion

    D. Volcanoes & Hot Spots

        - island & volcanic arcs

        - ring of fire

        - hot spots (Hawaiian Islands)

    E. Evidence of Crustal Movement

        - surface evidence

        - deep crustal evidence



    Review Book Homework: 

    HW#4- Earth’s Interior   Due 5/14

     read p. 255-258/Do p. 258-259, #29-41


    HW#5- Earthquakes           Due: 5/15

    read p.246-253/Do p.253-255 #9-28


    HW#6- Plate Tectonics          Due: 5/17

    Read p. 259-267/Do p.267-270 #42-68


    HW#7- Crustal Changes            Due: 5/18

    Read p. 244-245/Do p. 245-246 #1-8


    Online Homework:


    Earthquakes Intro Slideshow                Due: 5/7            

    1-3 only (found under ASSIGNMENTS TAB!!)


    Seismogram Analysis Video w/ws      Due: 5/8 


    Lag Time Practice                                   Due: ______

    (found under ASSIGNMENTS TAB!! No worksheet, just write answers on loose leaf page)


    What is Continental Drift? Video w/ws  Due: 5/16

    Class Assignments/Labs:

    Lab 4-5 Epicenter

       Local Epicenter Lab

       Continental Drift Lab

       Seafloor Spreading Activity

       Convergent Plate Boundary Lab








    Lab Quiz: 4-5 Epicenters

                                                         Date: 5/15                          



    Topic 12- Earth’s Dynamic Crust  

                                          Date: 5/22




    Topics 9 & 10: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition


    Topic Outline:


        - types: Physical & Chemical

        - factors that affect rate of weathering

        - soil formation


        - Agents of erosion

              gravity, water, wind, glaciers**

        - Stream Development (ESRT p. 6)

                stages, stream velocity, stream load

         - Sediment features from erosion


        - Factors that affect settling rate

        - Sorting of sediments

        - Erosion-Deposition Systems

              erosion dominant with high energy

              deposition dominant with low energy


    **Glaciers are agents of erosion AND play a huge roll in deposition as well.  You should be able to recognize certain vocabulary as it pertains to glacial action.


    Review Book Homework: 

    HW#1 - Weathering             Due: 4/27

    read p. 182-185/Do p. 186, #1-10


    HW#2 - Erosion                     Due: 5/2

    read p.186-194/ Do p.194-195 #11-29


    HW#3-  Deposition                Due:  5/3

    read p. 202-210/ Do p. 204-211 #1-25

    Online Homework:


    Soil Slideshow w/ws             Due: 4/26


    Erosion Slideshow w/ws        Due: ______


    Rivers Slideshow w/ws           Due: 5/1


    ***ALL slideshows can be found in ASSIGNMENTS link on teacher webpage. 

    Class Assignments/Labs:









    Quiz: Weathering        Date: ________                                   


    Topics 9 & 10- Weathering, Erosion &




        Topic 11: Minerals & Rocks   

    Topic Outline:


        - composition, structure

        - properties, identification ESRT p. 16


        - formation, classification, identification:

                Igneous ESRT p. 6

                Sedimentary  ESRT p. 7

                Metamorphic  ESRT p.7      

    The Rock Cycle

        - How are the 3 types of rocks interrelated?

        - ESRT p. 6




    Review Book Homework: 

    HW#10- Minerals          Due: 4/10

    read p. 218-222/Do p. 222-223, #1-15     


    HW#11- Rocks & Rock Cycle     Due: 4/19

    read p.223-232/ Do p.232-234 #16-37           

    Online Homework:

    Intro to Minerals w/ws       Due: 3/27

    Mineral Characteristics w/ws    Due: 3/28

    Intro to Igneous Rx          Due: 4/12

          Fill in flow Chart part 1     

    Intro to Sedimentary Rx        Due: 4/16

        Fill in flow Chart part 2          

    Intro to Metamorphic Rx       Due: 4/18

        Finish flow chart  

    Mineral ID Slideshow            Complete on your own

    Igneous Rx ID Slideshow        Complete on your own

    Sedimentary Rx ID Slideshow    Complete on your own


    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Lab 2-2 Properties of Minerals

       Lab 2-3 Igneous Rocks

       Lab 2-4 Sedimentary Rocks

       Lab 2-5 Metamorphic Rocks







    Lab Quiz: Properties & ID of Minerals           Date: 4/11                                         

    Lab Quiz: Rock Identification            Date: 4/20                                   


     ESRT Test #3 Must be completed by Monday night (4/16)

         (This is a Castle Learning Test, complete using                                            ChromeBook)

    Topic 11- Minerals & Rocks   Date: 4/23  


     Topic 8 - Climate & Ground Water

                                 Topic 14- Landscapes                                                       

    Topic Outline:


        - climate control factors

        - reading climagraphs

    Water Cycle

        - diagram & processes

        - groundwater      

    Infiltration & Ground Water

        - porosity

        - permeability

        - capillarity

    Landscape Characteristics

        -slope, shape, soil patterns

        -drainage patterns

    Landscape regions

        -mountains, plateaus, plains

        -ESRT p. 2

    Effect of climate on landscapes

         - arid & humid                       



    Review Book Homework:

    HW#7- Climate   Due: 3/13

     read p. 165-171/Do p. 172-174, #26-61


    HW#8- Infiltration        Due: 3/19

    read p.160-163/Do p.163-165 #1-25


    HW#9- Landscape Regions & Drainage Patterns

    Read p.302-313/Do p.304-314 #1-25      Due: 3/23*updated


    Online Homework:

    What is El Nino?  w/ws            Due: 3/12

    Porosity, Permeability & Cappillarity     Due: 3/20   


    NYS Landscape Regions Slideshow w/ws   

                    (in Assignments Tab!!)               

    (will be completed as class work)                                          


    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Imaginary Continent Activity

       Lab 7-10 Hawaiian Rainfall Patterns

       Water Movement in the Ground

       Lab 3-9 Landscape of NYS






    Lab Quiz: Water Movement in the Ground          

                                            Date: _______


     Topics 8 & 14- Climate, Ground Water, & Landscapes

                           Date: Mon. 3/26 *updated*


    Topic 7: Meteorology

    Topic Outline:

    Weather Variables

        - Weather Instruments

        - Temperature/ ESRT p. 13

        - Pressure/ ESRT p. 13

             *High & Low Pressure Systems

        - Wind

             *surface winds

             *local winds (breezes)

             *global winds/ESRT p.13

             *jet stream


            *Relative & Absolute Humidity/ESRT p. 12

            *Dew Point & Cloud Formation

                     -using cloud base altitude chart

            *Adiabatic Cooling & Heating

                     -Orographic Effect

                     -Lake Effect Snow

    Severe Weather

        - Hurricanes & Tornadoes  

    Weather Patterns

         - Air Masses & Fronts

         - Typical Northeast storm pattern

    Station Models/ESRT p. 13                

    Review Book Homework: 

    HW#1- Temp & Pressure      Due: 1/30

     read p. 126-129 /Do p. 128 & 130, #1-17


    HW#2- Surface Winds & Breezes       Due: 2/1

    read p.131-132 / Do p.132-133, #18-24 (updated)


    HW#3- Global Winds                 Due: 2/6

    Read 133-135/ Do p.135-136, #25-35


    HW #4-- Storms & Severe Weather    Due: 2/8

    read p. 147-151/Do p. 151, #70-77


    HW#5- Atmospheric Moisture       Due: 2/15

    read p. 137-142/Do p. 142-144, #36-60


    HW#6- Air masses & Fronts     Due: 3/2

    read p. 144-146/Do p. 146-147, #61-69


    On-Line Homework:

    Calculating Humidity & Dew Point w/ws   Due: 2/13

    Weather Fronts Review w/ws      Due: 3/1


    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Lab 6-5 Weather Patterns

       Lab 6-6 Cyclonic Weather

       Dew Point & Cloud Formation Lab

       Interpreting Station Models      


    Quiz: Pressure & Wind                      Date: 2/2

    Lab Quiz 6-6 Cyclonic Weather         Date: 2/9

    Quiz: Humidity, Dew Point, Clouds    Date: 2/28

    Lab Quiz 6-5 Weather Patterns         Date: ­3/5


     Topic 7- Meteorology    Date: Fri., 3/9


    Topic 6: Insolation & the Atmosphere

    Topic Outline:

    Atmosphere Basics

         -layers of the atmosphere (ESRT p.14)

         -clouds & atmospheric transparency

         -ozone layer  

    Greenhouse Effect

         - greenhouse gases

        - shortwave vs. long wave radiation

    Heat Budget

         - incoming minus outgoing = temperature

         - daily & yearly temperature lags

         - causes for Heat Budget shifts


    Review Book Homework:                       


    HW #10- Greenhouse Effect         Due : 1/9

    read p. 103-104/Do p. 104-105, #3,5,9,8,10


    HW#11- Heat Budget        Due : 1/10

    read p. 108-109/Do p. 111, #26-31

    read p. 114-115/ On a post-it define:

                   “sunspot” and  “deforestation”


    *Please note that we are not covering ALL the material found in Topic 6, we have either covered it already OR will touch upon it in a future topic.

    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Greenhouse Gas Lab

       Global Warming

       Lab 7-4 Heat Budget







    On-line Homework


    Greenhouse Effect video         Due: 1/4

       w/worksheet    checked 1/8 due to snow days



     GHG Lab              Date:  _______________


    Lab Quiz 7-4           Date: 1/11



     Topic 6- Insolation and the Atmosphere

                    Date:  1/16


    *ESRT Test #2: 1/18

    *Midterm: 1/24 periods 1-2


     Topic 5: Energy in Earth Processes

    Topic Outline: 

    Electromagnetic Energy

         - wave properties

         - EM Spectrum (ESRT p. 14)

         - Insolation, absorption & radiation

    Energy Transfer

        - Conduction

        - Convection

        - Radiation

    Temperature and Heat

         - temperature (ESRT p.13)

         - specific heat (ESRT p. 1)

    Phase Changes

         - Types of Phase Changes

         - Phase Change Diagram

         - Heat gained/released for water (ESRT p. 1)                   

    Review Book Homework:

    HW#6- EM Spectrum      Due: 12/12

     read p. 82-84 /Do p. 84-85, #1-12


    HW#7- Energy Transfer   Due: 12/15

    read p.85-86/ Do p.86-87, #13-24                    


    HW #8- Temp and Heat     Due: 12/20

    read p. 88-89/Do p. 89-90, #25-30                          


    HW#9- Phase Changes     Due: 12/21

    read p. 90-93/Do p. 93-94, #31-48


    Class Assignments/Labs: 


       Lab P-6 Absorption & Radiation

       Lab P-4 Conduction

       Lab P-5 Convection







    On-line Homework:

    Heat Transfer Experiments       Due: 12/14

    NEW DIRECTIONS! Complete Experiment #3 ONLY!!!

    (Found in ASSIGNMENT LINKS on webpage, NOT Online HW Link!!!)


    Lab Quiz P-6        Skip

    Lab Quiz P-4/P-5       Date:  12/18


     Topic 5- Energy in Earth Processes   Date: 12/22

    Topic 4: Earth-Moon-Sun System
    & Insolation (Topic 6)

    Topic Outline:




    Actual Motions

        -Evidence of Earth’s Rotation

               Star Trails, Foucault, Coriolis

         -Evidence Of Earth’s Revolution

              Retrograde Motion, Apparent Diameter of Sun, changing constellations

    Apparent Motions of




              Celestial Sphere drawings

              Daily and seasonal pathways of Sun

              Tilt of Earth and reason for seasons

    Variation of Insolation (Topic 6)

        -angle of insolation

         -time, season, latitude, duration


         - Moon Phases

         - Eclipses (solar and lunar)

         - Tides (spring and neap)


    Review Book Homework:

    HW#1- Models         Due : 11/18

     read p. 63-64 /Do p. 65, #15-19


    HW#2- Actual Motions    Due : 11/16

    read p.65-70/ Do p.68, #20-27 and p.70-71, #28-40


    HW #3- Apparent Motions      Due : 11/21

    read p. 60-62/Do p. 62-63, #1-14


    HW#4- Insolation & Seasons (Topic 6)  Due: 11/30

    Read p. 105-107/Do p.110-111, #11-28 and

       read p. 116-118 Do p. 119 #39-48     


    HW#5- Moon       Due : 12/6

    read p. 71-74/Do p. 74-75, #41-57


     Online Homework:

    Rotation/Revolution Video w/ws     Due: 11/9                                       

    Shadow Simulation w/ws      (completed in class)

    Eclipse Webquest   Due:12/5

    Class Assignments/Labs:

       Actual Motions: Rotation/Revolution

       Apparent Diameter

       Star Trails Activity

       Apparent Daily Motions/Celestial Sphere

       Angle of Insolation

       Moon Pops




    Rotation & Revolution        Date:  11/17

    NEWLY ADDED!Lab Quiz: Apparent Path of Sun                                                           Date:11/28

    Lab Quiz: Angle of Insolation   Date: 12/1


     Topic 4- Earth, Moon, Sun System &  Insolation   

                          Friday, 12/8      





    Topic 3:  Earth in the Universe

    Topic Outline: 

    Origin of the Universe

         -Proof of the Big Bang Theory

              *spectral line observations/Hubble’s Law

              *background microwave radiation

          -age of the universe


    Structure of the Universe

         - What is a galaxy?

         - Stars

              HR Diagram (ESRT p.15)

              life cycle


    Our Solar System

              - age of our solar system

              - ESRT p.15 (Solar System Data)

              - Celestial Objects: Planets, comets,

                   and meteors


    Kelplar’s Contribution

       -3 Laws

      -Ellipse and Eccentricity (ESRT p. 1)         



    Review Book Homework:

    HW#8- Big Bang & Stars     Due : 10/23

    read p. 38-44

    Do p. 40, #1-6 and p.44-45 #7-23


    HW#9- Solar System             Due : 11/2

    read p.45-47                Yes, combine #9 and #10

    Do p.47 #24-29                   into one assignment!!


    HW#10- Planets & Eccentricity    Due: 11/2

    read p. 48-50

    Do p. 51-52, #30-50


    Online Homework: 

    Universe Scale and Structure  w/worksheet

                                           Due: 10/16


    How Do We Study the Stars? w/worksheet

                                           Due: 10/18


    Formation of the Solar System w/worksheet

                                                     Due: 10/27

    Class Assignments/Labs:


       Doppler Shift of Galaxies

       Classification of Galaxies

       Star Classification

       8-3 Ellipses









    Origin of the Universe

                                   Date:  _______________


     Lab Quiz: Star Classification

                                   Date:  10/24


     Topic 3- Earth in the Universe *UPDATED*

                                          Date: Monday, 11/6






    Topic 2: Measuring Earth

    Topic Outline:

    Earth's Shape and Evidence

    Spheres of the Earth 

       - Atmosphere (ESRT p. 14),      Hydrosphere, Lithosphere (ESRT p.1)

       - Composition of Spheres (ESRT p. 1)

     Earth’s Coordinate System

      (Latitude & Longitude/Time Zones)

     Field Maps

        - Drawing and Reading isolines

        - Gradient (ESRT p. 1)

     Contour Maps

       - reading a contour map

       - drawing a profile

       - Gradient (ESRT p. 1)




    HW#5-Spheres of Earth & Shape  Due: 9/28            RB p. 18-20 Do #1-17 p.20-21


    HW#6-Coordinate System   Due: 10/4

    RB p.22-24 Do #18-30 p. 24-25


    HW #7- Fields & Mapping   Due: 10/12

       RB p.26-30 Do #31-34 p.27 and

                              #35-48 p.31


    Online Homework:

    Shape of the Earth Video w/worksheet Due: 9/25 


    Class Assignments/Labs:


       1-2: Earth’s Shape

       1-4: Constructing a Field Map

       Topo Maps Lab







     Lab Quiz 1-2 Earth’s Shape: Fri., 9/29


     Lat/Long/Time Quiz: Thurs.,10/5


     Lab Quiz 1-4 Field Maps: _________                             


    ESRT Test #1 Wed., 9/27

    Topics 1 & 2: Fri., 10/13


    Topic 1: Introduction 

    Topic Outline:

    Observations and Inferences

     Percent Deviation (% Error)

     Measurement Review



        -Relative Density

        -temperature and pressure changes

        -size and shape changes


    Rate of Change

        -formula (ESRT p. 1)


          Cyclic, Static, Direct, Inverse



    HW#1- Classroom Policies & Safety Contract  Due 9/8                                                       

    HW#2- Observation/% Deviation/Density Due 9/13

    Read Review Book p: 2-4

     Do #1- 9 on p. 4-5    and Read  p. 5-6

    Do # 10-18  on p. 7             


    HW#3 - Rate of Change   Due 9/19

    Read RB p. 7-9   Do # 19-28 p. 10-11


    HW #4 – Human Interaction   Due: _____

    Read RB p. 11-12     Do # 29-39 p. 12


    Online Homework:

    Density w/worksheet       Due 9/11  

           Go to teacher website, on left side click "Online HW" tab, click on the title of the video assigned. Watch video and fill in worksheet as you watch. You should pause and re-watch when necessary to make sure you fully understand the information.


    Beginners  Guide to Graphing  Due: _____

         w/worksheet   completed as classwork



    Class Assignments/Labs:


    P-3: Graph Analysis





    Lab Quiz P-1: Density   Friday, 9/15

    Lab Quiz P-3: Graph Analysis Wed, 9/20



     ESRT Test #1 Wed., 9/27