Middle School World Languages

  • Welcome to our Middle School World Language page. We are proud to offer our POB community a variety of languages to choose from!
    Students in grade 5 take Mandarin Chinese for one quarter, every other day; and take Introduction to Romance Languages (French and Spanish) for one quarter, every other day. Students in grade 6 will take one full quarter of Chinese, French and Spanish. In February, families of 6th grade students have the opportunity to select which language their child would like to study in 7th and 8th grade: American Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish
    Our 7th and 8th grade classes run sequentially and must be taken in order to qualify to take the Checkpoint A examination. Students may receive 1 World Language High School credit upon successful completion of 7th grade, 8th grade and the Checkpoint A examination in a world language. **New York State stopped producing the NYS Second Language Proficiency (Checkpoint A) Examination in 2010. 

  • Our amazingly talented and caring team of teachers: 


    At Mattlin Middle School

    Ms. Theresa Gruick (American Sign Language)

    Ms. I-Chin Lin (Chinese)

    Ms. Catherine Salamone (French)

    Dr. Michele Schaefer (Spanish)

    Ms. Karey Yanch (Spanish)


    At POB Middle School

    Ms. Kathy Falbo (Spanish)

    Ms. Theresa Gruick (American Sign Language)

    Ms. Ashley Lefevre (French)

    Ms. Ling-I Lo (Chinese)

    Mr. Brian O'Sullivan (Spanish)

    Ms. Stephanie Roehrig (French and Spanish)

    Dr. Seema Sumod (Spanish)


  • Students enrolled in Spanish and French can access their textbook and workbook online at VHLCentral.com

    Please make sure to keep your VHL Central username and password safe! You can use your VHL Central account in high school too!