• World Language Honor Societies

  • Hi everyone, 

    We are accepting applications to our World Language Honor Societies! Links to the application are posted on this page. If you qualify for two honor societies, please complete an application for each honor society. Deadline is September 29, 2023. 

    Good luck!
    -Mr. Rivera

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  • 2023 Teacher Recommendation Form

    Hi teachers! Honor Society candidates will be requesting a recommendation from you. Students require recommendations from two high school teachers (other than a world language teacher). If a student is applying to two honor societies, they still only need two recommendations. The Google Form should only take a few moments to complete. Thank you for your time and assistance. 

  • The World Languages Honor Societies recognize excellence in world language studies and commitment to the study of both language and culture. These organizations emphasize community service and leadership. Students are eligible for membership at the beginning of their junior year, based on the criteria outlined below. Students are welcome to reapply in their senior year if they do not qualify during their junior year. 


    Our World Language Honor Societies and our talented Advisors are:

    American Sign Language: Ms. Knight: BKnight@pobschools.org

    Chinese: Ms. Huang: ElHuang@pobschools.org

    French: Ms. Strom: JStrom@pobschools.org 

    Italian: Ms. Clausi: TClausi@pobschools.org

    Spanish: Ms. Ida: JIda@pobschools.org

  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Starting in 11th grade, candidates must have completed a minimum of TWO (2) years of study in the SAME world language at JFK High School. Students should be enrolled in a World Language class in the year you are applying.
      • E.g. If you are applying as a Junior: Italian 2 taken in 9th grade, and Italian 3 taken in 10th grade.
      • E.g. If you are applying as a Senior: Spanish 3 in 10th grade and Spanish 4 in 11th grade.
    • An UNWEIGHTED average of 93.00 or higher in your world languages courses. We can not accept applications with averages 92.99 or less.
      • You can check the portal for your grades, with your guidance counselor, or the club advisor.
    • Community Service Requirement: You must complete the community service requirement for every year you are a member of our Honor Society. If you do not complete your community service requirement, you will be removed from the honor society.
      • 10 hours are required if you are a member of one honor society (E.g. I'm a member of the ASL Honor Society only).
      • 3 hours if you are a member of more than one honor society or club (e.g. ASL Honor Society and Girls Varsity Tennis).
    • Two (2) teacher recommendations (cannot be a World Language teacher).
    • Once accepted, you must pay the club dues of $17.00 on My School Bucks.
      • Do not pay the dues before your receive your acceptance letter.
    Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they have completed the application by the due date found on the application.

    You are welcome to apply to TWO (2) Honor Societies provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Please submit a SEPARATE application for each honor society. You will be responsible for dues for both honor societies. 

  • FAQS


    1. I study more than one foreign language. Can I apply for more than one Honor Society?

    Yes, if you have completed two years of study in each of those languages at POBJFK High School, you can apply for membership in each language’s Honor Society. Please complete a separate application for each language.

    2. I have completed two years of study, but each year was in a different language. Am I eligible?

    No. To be eligible, you must have completed two years of study in the same language at POBJFK High School.

    3. Can 9th or 10th grade students apply?

    No. Only 11th and 12th grade students are eligible. You can apply when you are in 11th or 12th grade.

    4. Do my 8th grade foreign language studies count toward eligibility?

    No. The two years of study used to determine eligibility must have been completed at JFK High School.

    5. I am a senior who is currently in my second year of study in the language for which I would like to apply. Am I eligible?

    No. As indicated in the requirements, only students who have completed two years of study in that language are eligible. You have not finished the second year of study.

    6. I earned an UNWEIGHTED average of 92.99. Am I eligible?

    No. The cutoff average is 93.00

    7. Can I use my WEIGHTED scores? 

    No. You may only use your UNWEIGHTED SCORES.

    8. I'm a transfer student; do I qualify?

    We are happy to review your grades from your previous district. We will accept high school world language credit from your previous district.