7-8th Grade Symphonic Band - conducted by Mrs. Karen Bernstein

Mrs. Bernstein
  • Welcome to My Classroom 
    7-8 Symphonic Band Band is a graded elective class here at Plainview Middle School. 
    The class meets four times a week.  In order for the students to feel successful, attendance is mandatory.
    Full ensemble meets every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday zero period 7:49am.  Starting Thursday, September 13. Please be on time 
    There will be one pull out rotating small group lesson every week. 
    There will be two major concerts a year.  Each concert will have a day time and night time concert.  The students will also be performing at graduation in June. We are planning on many more small group and solo performances throughout the school year.
    There are handouts and information here on this website.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact me.  Together we can make a difference. kbernstein@pobschools.org
    To get text messages from me please go to:
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