Welcome to 5th & 6th Grade Band
    Concert Date: Monday, December 10, 7pm. Stratford Road Elementary School

    **Attention all 6th Grade Band Students

    There will be a meeting to sign up for Band on Wednesday, September 12th - 9th period in Room 231 (The Band Room) 


    **Attention all 5th Grade Band Students

    There will be a meeting to sign up for Band on Monday, September 17th - 9th period in Room 231 (The Band Room)


    **Attention all 5th & 6th Grade Band Students

    The 1st  Band rehearsal with instruments will be held on Monday, September 24th – 9th period in Room 231 (The Band Room)


    Rehearsal Schedule

    Mondays & Wednesdays Period 9, Room 231.



    Instrumental Lesson Schedule


    Please write your lesson times in your agenda.  
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    The following instruments are not provided by the school and should be rented or purchased from a store of your choosing.


    Suggested Brands: Gemeinhardt, Armstrong, Yamaha, Selmer Bundy and Vito.

    Suggested Brands: Yamaha, Selmer Bundy, Vito and Buffet.

    Alto Saxophone

    Suggested Brands: Yamaha, Selmer Bundy and Vito.


    Suggested Brands: Bach, Yamaha and Bundy.

    Percussion/Drums: set of snare sticks and a drum pad with stand for home practice

    Recommended Sticks: Vic Firth American Custom SD1 JR. Concert Snare Sticks or Vic Firth American Classic 5A.

    Snare Sticks - Example Links: Example 1Example 2Example 3Example 4Example 5.

    Recommended Drum Pad with Stand: Remo Practice Pad with Stand

    Drum Pad with Stand -Example Links: Example 1Example 2Example 3.


    Music Stand

    Band students should also acquire a music stand for home practicing.

    Example Links for wire music stands: Example 1Example 2, Example 3

    Example links for regular music stands: Example 1Example 2.



    Local Music Stores List 2018

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    The following instruments may be rented from the school for a fee of $50.
    Please use "My School Bucks" for payment.
    Please click to read the instructions letter:
    Step 1 - Link to My School Bucks: www.myschoolbucks.com
    Step 2 - Link to Rental Bond Form: Bond Form
    *The Bond form should be completed once you have paid the fee and your child has received their instrument.

    2 instruments are provided (one for home one for school) as they are too large to carry on the bus.

    Bass Clarinet


    Tenor Saxophone

    Baritone Saxophone

    French Horn


    Baritone Horn


    Instruments will be passed out at the 1st actual rehearsal with instruments on September 24th. Rental payments should be submitted by September 24th.


    Band Music/Book/Scale Sheets

    The Band Music will be passed out on September 24th – period 9

    The Lesson Book and Scale Sheets will be passed out at the 1st instrumental lesson.


    A three ring binder with plastic sleeves is required to organize your band music.
    Percussion Students
    You will be assigned a specific percussion instrument for each piece of music we play, please review the percussion instrument names.
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    Note Reading/Fingerings Flash Cards
    Clefs/Rhythms Flash Cards
    *Band Music Listening Assignment*
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     On Line Metrenome
    An online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music, this music tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections.