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    Independent Reading Requirement:  
    In each of the four quarters, students are required to independently read at least 800 pages of text, but may choose from a variety of texts, such as novels, magazines, news articles, religious texts, graphic novels, and others if approved by the instructor.  Students must log their reading on a reading log graphic organizer, which is then turned in at the end of each quarter.  The reading log can be found on our Google Classroom page, and should be turned in on Google Classroom as well.
     Important Announcements & Upcoming Major Assignments: 

    Comma Quiz on Monday, Dec. 4th.  Please study the packet we have been working with, as well as the videos that are posted on Google Classroom.



    Classwork and Homework Updates:
    **Please Note: This information is updated as frequently as possible, but may not necessarily include all classwork and homework assignments.***  


    12.01.17 - Aim: We conclude the comma carnival.  HW: Study for Monday’s quiz on commas.  Review the entire packet for the commas rules, but especially 532-536.

    11.30.17 - Aim: The comma caravan continues.  HW: Complete Exercise 5 on page 530.  No Google Doc this time, just add the commas right on the paper.

    11.29.17 - Aim: Comma continuation  HW: Complete punctuation exercises 3 and 4 in the grammar packet.  Posted in G.C.

    11.28.17 - Aim: We will take a close look at commas.  HW: Complete punctuation exercise 2, posted in G.C. 

    11.27.17 - Aim: We begin a grammar unit.  HW: Complete the grammar exercise posted on G.C.


    11.16.17 - Aim: We will edit and revise our rough drafts.  HW: Complete the last page of the revision handout by reading the essay aloud to yourself and responding to the questions.

    11.15.17 - Aim: The rough drafts will (hopefully) be completed, and some revising can begin.  HW: Turn in the essay by 8 AM tomorrow.  Editing and revising will officially begin tomorrow.

    11.14.17 - Aim: We will continue to write the rough draft of the personal narrative essay.  HW: Continue thinking about the essay.  Write down any ideas you have about the essay, and use them tomorrow.  The rough draft should be done by the start of school on Thursday.

    11.13.17 - Aim: We will begin writing the rough draft of the personal narrative essays.  HW: This is not mandatory, but if you’d like to write down some notes to add to your essay tomorrow, you may do so.  Have your independent reading or something else to keep you quiet in case you finish early.


    11.8.17, 11.9.17 - Aim: We will create graphic organizers and outlines for the personal narrative essay. 

    11.6.17 - Aim: We will learn how to write an effective “hook,” and create hooks for our personal narrative essays.  HW: Reading logs due Thursday.


    11.03.17 - Aim: We will continue brainstorming ideas.  HW: By Monday, decide on what your personal narrative essay will be about.  And, Reading Log is due by next Thursday. 

    11.02.17 - Aim: We will brainstorm ideas for the personal narrative.  HW: Enjoy your family night!

    11.01.17 - Aim: We will see our choices for the personal narrative essay, and begin to brainstorm ideas.  HW: In G.C.: Write a five-sentence minimum response to each of the nine essay prompts.  Please note, you have already written a few of these responses, so feel free to copy and paste when possible.

    10.31.17 - Aim: Group presentations on the Personal Narrative project.  

    10.30.17 - Aim: Group work activity on the qualities of a personal narrative.  HW: In G.C. - Write a one paragraph response in which you discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that led you to change and grow as a person, and reach a new understanding of yourself or others. 


    10.27.17 - Aim: We will review the final two example personal narratives, and review the qualities of a well-written essay.  HW: Continue independent reading.  

    10.26.17 - Aim: We will read more examples of personal narratives, and analyze which qualities make them successful.  HW: In G.C. - read the second and third essays from today’s packet, and complete working on the new essay reaction chart (to be explained in class)

    10.24.17 - Aim: We read and analyze examples of personal narrative essays.  HW: Read the essay “Giving Life,” and continue the essay reaction chart, but don’t turn it in yet.

    10.23.17 - Aim: What are the qualities of a well-written personal narrative?  HW: In G.C., read “The Great Paw Paw, and complete the first row of the “Personal Narrative Reaction Chart.”  Do not to turn the chart in yet.


    10.20.17 - Aim: We will create object poems.  HW: In G.C. - complete the object poem if not done in class. 

    10.19.17 - Aim: How can an object be the inspiration for a poem?  Hw: Complete both parts of the “Writing From an Object” graphic organizer handout.  See G.C. for more details.

    10.18.17 - Aim: We will share our extraordinary poems, and review “Rikki-tikki-tavi.” HW: In G.C. One paragraph response: Describe a problem that exists (it could be personal or global) and explain how you would like to solve it.

    10.16.17 - Aim: We will turn ordinary writing into extraordinary writing  HW: In G.C. - complete today’s work if necessary.


    10.13.17 - Aim: We will read, analyze, and interpret a poem.  HW: Finish the SOAPStone worksheet if necessary.

    10.12.17 - Aim: We’ll use some fun writing activities to help generate great ideas.  HW: Complete today’s work if necessary

    10.11.17 - Aim: What can we learn from established writers?  HW: Check Google Classroom - The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be necessary to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?

    10.10.17 - Aim: How do successful writers begin a project, and what can their habits teach us?  HW: (In G.C.) Complete the graphic organizer handout.


    10.06.17 - Presentations of the Root Words project.  HW: Continue independent reading.

    10.05.17 - Students will continue the Root Words project.  HW: Continue independent reading.

    10.04.17 - Students will take the first Reading Inventory test of the school year.  HW: Continue independent reading.

    10.03.17 - Aim: We will continue learning about root words.  HW: SRI reading test tomorrow.  Be ready with your charged Chromebook, independent reading, work for another class.

    10.02.17 - Aim: We will understand word roots, and improve our vocabulary and language skills.  HW: In Google Classroom, create six original sentences; two containing a prefix, two containing a suffix, and two containing a word root.  Highlight the prefixes, suffixes, and roots.


    9.29.17 - Aim: We will take the literary terms quiz. HW: Have a great weekend.  Continue independent reading.

    9.28.17 - Aim: We will review for tomorrow’s literary terms quiz.  HW: Charged Chromebooks.  Study for the quiz.  Have independent reading or other work with you for after the quiz.

    9.26.17 - Aim: We will complete the summer reading essays  HW: Study for literary terms quiz on Friday.  Review slideshows are in GC.

    9.25.17 - Aim: We will begin writing the summer reading essays. HW: Have Chromebooks and independent reading.  Think about what you will write to finish the essay during tomorrow’s class.  Study for literary terms quiz on Friday.


    9.20.17 - Aim: We will share the homework and then view a video version of “Lather and Nothing Else.”  HW: Summer reading essays next week.  Be prepared with your book and any notes you have for the book.  You will type the essay on the Chromebook in Google Docs.  Also, study the literary terms slideshow for next Friday’s quiz.

    9.19.17 - Aim: We will review the annotations for “Lather and Nothing Else.”  HW: Write a short paragraph (3-5 sentences) about what a possible theme of the story might be.  In other words, explain what life lesson can be learned from the story, and what evidence from the text supports that lesson.  This is posted as an assignment in Google Classroom.

    9.18.17 - Aim: We will read a short story, and analyze it for literary terms and key vocabulary.  HW: Complete the annotating of the short story.  This will be checked in class tomorrow for a grade.


    9.15.17 - Aim: We will have a focused look at, and practice with, the literary element of “Conflict.”  HW: Be prepared with multi colored pens, highlighters, and post-it notes.  We will be reading and annotating a short story.

    9.14.17 - Aim: We will review the literary terms project, and add any important information we might have missed.  HW: Begin studying the literary terms information for an upcoming quiz.

    9.13.17 - Aim: To complete the Literary Terms project.  HW: Complete and turn in the Literary Terms project.  Due in Google Classroom by 8 AM tomorrow.

    9.12.17 - Aim: To complete the literary terms assignment.  HW: The lit. terms work is due Thursday.

    9.11.17 - Aim: How can we review literary terms?  HW: The literary terms assignment will be due by Thursday. 


    9.8.17 - Aim: To complete our ice breaker activity and begin a lesson on literary terms.  HW: Join Google Classroom, join Remind with your parent(s)/guardian(s).  Have a great weekend!

    9.7.17 - Aim: To understand the Summer Reading assignment and the Independent Reading requirement.  HW: First day handouts due tomorrow, join Google Classroom, join Remind.

    9.6.17 - Aim: How can I become familiar with my new English class?  HW: Four (or three) signed handouts, due on Friday - Please fill out the Google Form if possible.  Also, please join my Remind App list; instructions can be found in Google Classroom.

    9.5.17 - Aim: How can we transition from summer vacation to our new school year?  HW: Due Friday, 9.8.17  With your parents, please read and sign the “Welcome” handout, the “Student Information” Google Form (or handout if you prefer), the “Classroom Guidelines” handout, and the “Academic Integrity” handout.


    You can download the first day handouts at the following links:

    Welcome Sheet/Syllabus

    Classroom Guidelines

    Academic Integrity

    Student/Parent/Guardian Information Sheet