English as a New Language
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    Please contact ENL Chairperson, Ms. Dorothy Drexel
                                                              ddrexel@pobschools.org  (516) 434-3311  
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    Check out our ENL Family Guide Webpage HERE
    Important Information Regarding Changes to NYS Common Core Exams in ELA and Mathematics, Grades 3-8
    Please click the links below to read information in several languages:

    Our ENL Staff
      Old Bethpage Elementary School
    Mr. Rich D'Esposito
    Pasadena Elementary School
    Mrs. Nicole Hacker & Ms. Andrea Carruth
    Stratford Road Elementary School
    Ms. Joan Moore & Ms. Saira Urena
    Plainview Old-Bethpage Middle School
    Ms. Alyssa Carroll & Ms. Ellen Feldman
    Mattlin Middle School
    Ms. Andrea Carruth
     Parkway Elementary School
    Ms. Joan Moore
    Plainview Old-Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School
    Ms. Ellen Feldman
    What Languages Do Our Students Speak in POB? 

    *Japanese  *Gujarati  *Malayalam  *Turkish   *Korean  *Telugu  *Tamil  *Bengali   *Spanish  *Hebrew  *Greek  *Gujarati

    *Hindi  *Punjabi  *Russian  *Vietnamese   *Chinese  *Urdu  *Cantonese   *Farsi  *Pashto  *Tagalog