• Fifth Grade Orchestra

    Welcome to orchestra.  I'm looking forward to an excellent year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

    Congratulations for and excellent spring concert! 
    1.Lessons and orchestra rehearsals continue through June 8th 
    2.School instruments must be returned no later than Wednesday June 6th.
    3.Summer instruments (cello and bass) are available at no additional cost:
    See Mrs. Lucas for the paperwork if you are interested.
    4.The final chamber music project is due on Wed. June 6th 
    Be sure to attend lessons and orchestra so you will be prepared for the performance!
    Please see details below regarding the string program schedule 
     Fifth grade orchestra rehearsals take place on Monday and Wednesday during period 9.  
    Students who also participate in chorus will attend rehearsal with Mr. Catalano on Fridays. 
     Homework assignments 
     All homework assignments may be found on Google Classroom 
    Spring lesson schedules may be found on Google Classroom or by following the link below.  Hard copies are on the Orchestra News bulletin board.
     Extra help is available by appointment during the beginning of lunch on Tuesday and Thursday as I am not in the building during period 9.
     Grades  Report card grades are determined by participation in lessons and orchestra rehearsals, preparation (instrument and music present ) and periodic assessments of progress. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding grades.

      Orchestra Supplies for a successful experience
                                                                         instrument in good working order
                                                                         shoulder rest ( for violinists and violists)
                                                                         1/2 inch binder or folder
                                                                         cleaning rag
                                                                         spare set of strings 
                                                                         music stand for home practice