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  • In the event of a Delayed Opening- school start time is 11:15 am. Bus pick-up in the morning would be 2 hours later than the usual pick-up time. 
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  • The DASA Coordinator for Old Bethpage is Mrs. Gray, Principal
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  • First Alert: 516-434-3437 

    Main Office: 516-434-3419
    Nurse: 516-434-3428
    Fax Number: 516-756-3204


  • From our World Language Teachers:


    The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival (also known as the Harvest Moon Festival) fell on September 13th this year. This major holiday can be compared to our Thanksgiving holiday. Families gather together for a special meal that includes little cakes called moon cakes. People decorate with bright colored lanterns. At night people look at the full moon. According to legend, a woman named Chang E drank a magic potion that caused her to go to the moon. On the night of the Harvest Moon her husband visits her there. Chang E 's heart is so full of love and happiness on that night that if we look at the moon and make a special wish to her, she will try her best to make our wishes come true!


    All of our students in the elementary schools learn this story. Let’s keep this wonderful tradition alive here at POB! We hope you all made a wish!

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