Plainview-Old Bethpage Health Education Department
    New York State Learning Standards - Health Education

    Standard 1 - Personal Health and Fitness

    Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.

    Standard 2 - A Safe and Healthy Environment

    Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

    Standard 3 - Resource Management

    Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources. 


     9/10th Grade Health Topics


    I. Healthy Living, Wellness, Goals, Risk Taking 

    a. 5 Aspects of Wellness

    b. Lifestyle and Lifestyle Choices 

    c. Chronic Illness as a Result of Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices 

    d. Goal Setting 

    e. Risk Behaviors 

    f. Decision Making

    II. Substance Abuse and Prevention 

    a. Current Drug Trends - Opioids, Fentanyl, Regional Drug Issues

    b. Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse

    c. Terminology 

    d. Physical Health Dangers of Substance Use 

    e. Emotional and Social Dangers 

    f. Dependency  and Addiction 

    g. Decision Making Skills and Choosing Not to Use/ Refusal Skills 

    III. Mental & Emotional Health 

    a. Mental Fitness, Mental Health Challenges and Mental Illness 

    *Review of the 7th grade unit and build upon - Types of Mental Illness 

    *Mental Health Challenge – Definition / Facts

    b.  Causes of Mental Illness/Mental Health Challenge

    c. Warning Signs of Mental Illness

    d.  Seeking Help and Resources

    e. Coping Skills 

    f.  Suicide Education and  Prevention

    *Who and Where to seek help - Resources

    *Warning Signs of Suicides - Stages of Suicide Thought Process (Stress, Helpless and Hopeless) 


    IV. Human Sexuality 

    a. Messages about Sexuality

    b. The Dimensions of Human Sexuality  

    *Sexual Identity; including LGBTQ+ 

    c. The Human Reproductive Systems 

    d. Sexually Transmitted Infections

    e. Abstinence

    f. STI Protection / Contraception 

    g. Risks and Considerations Involved with Being Sexually Active 

    h.       Emotional Aspects

    i.          Communication

    j.          Decision Making

    k.         Consent 


    12th Grade Health - Course Curriculum Mapping

    I. Wellness and Lifestyle Choices: What’s the Connection?

    A) Medical Model vs. Public Health Model

    B) Public Wellness Initiatives

    C) Health Achievements of the 20th Century

    D) Determinants of Health 

    E) What one can do to improve one's own wellness

    F) Food – Conventional, Organic, GMO, Whole, Processed 


    II. Healthy Relationships vs. Unhealthy Relationships 

    A) Healthy Relationships 

    B) Decision Making 

    C) Physical/Emotional/Mental and Sexual Abuse 

    D) Seeking help from dangerous relationships

    E) Assault 

    F) Bystander Intervention  


    III. Stress 

    A) Eustress/Distress

    B) Stressors

    C) Effects of stress of one's health 

    D) Healthful ways to handle stress

    E) The importance of stress management 


    III. Social Health

    A) Prejudice, Intolerance, Discrimination

    B) Acceptance/Allyship

    C) Building Empathy

    D) Pyramid of Hate / Cycle of Violence


    IV. Drugs in Our Society

    A) Current drug trends /Attitudes towards drug use

    B) The Brain and Drugs 

    C) Codependency and Addiction

    D) Intervention 

    E) Recovery

    F) Drinking and Driving – Laws - Social Host Law


    V. Human Sexuality

    A) Communication Skills 

    B) Abstinence/Contraception/STI & Pregnancy Prevention             

    C) Pregnancy and Birth

    D) Sexual Orientation and LGBT Studies  


    VI. Post High School/College Transition 

    A) Transitioning into college/workforce – questions/fears

    B) What to expect in college classes – syllabus, policies, etc.

    C) College Life – workload/living away from home/roommates/trust/communication/Greek life/clubs/internships

    D) Campus Safety     


    Community Service Project Letter

    Community Service Log Sheet