Plainview-Old Bethpage Health Education Department
    New York State Learning Standards - Health Education

    Standard 1 - Personal Health and Fitness

    Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.

    Standard 2 - A Safe and Healthy Environment

    Students will acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.

    Standard 3 - Resource Management

    Students will understand and be able to manage their personal and community resources. 


    10th Grade Health Topics

    Quarter 1/ Quarter 2


    I.            Healthy Living  and Wellness

    a.     5 Aspects of Wellness

    b.     Connection of the 5 Aspects of Wellness

    c.     Illness – Wellness Continuum

    d.     Lifestyle and Lifestyle Choices

    e.      Consequences of Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

    f.       Risk Behaviors

    g.     Decision Making 

    II.          Understanding ATOD - Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

    a.     Current Drug Trends

    b.     Drug Use, Misuse and Abuse

    c.     Terminology

    d.     Physical Health Dangers of Substance Use

    e.      Emotional and Social Dangers

    f.       Addiction

    g.     Decision Making Skills and Choosing Not to Use 


    Quarter 2/ Quarter 3

         III.             Bullying Prevention

                    a. What is bullying - physical, emotional, cyber

                    b. The impact of bullying on a victim

                    c. Why bullying must stop

                    d. Acting as an "upstander" rather than a "bystander"

                    e. Empowering the victim




    VI.              Mental Health

             a.  Defense Mechanisms

             b.  Mental Illness – Definition / Facts

             c.  Causes of Mental Disorders

             d.  Warning Signs

              e.  Seeking Help

             f.  Eating Disorders – Sign/Symptoms/Consequences

              g.  Depression

             h. Self-Injury and Cutting

              i.  Suicide Prevention
    Quarter 3/ Quarter 4


    V.      Nutrition - Brief Overview

    a. Benefits of Good Nutrition

    b. Dangers of Poor Nutrition

    c. 6 Basic Nutrients

    d. Calories

    e.  Portion Control

    f.  Food Guide - MyPlate

    g. Healthier Alternatives to the Not So Healthy Food We Enjoy

    h.  Analysis of Your Own Eating Habits

    i. Reading Food Labels / Comparing and Contrasting Labels

    j.  Managing Your Weight in a Healthful Manner

    k.  Fad Diets




    VI.     Human Sexuality

    a. Messages about Sexuality

    b. The Human Reproductive System

    c. Sexually Transmitted Infections

    d. Abstinence

    e.  STI Protection / Contraception

    f.  Risks Involved with Being Sexually Active

    g. Decision Making


    12th Grade Health - Course Topics

     Quarter 1/ Quarter 2


    I. Wellness and Lifestyle Choices: What’s the Connection?

              A) 7 Dimensions of Wellness/Wellness Assessment

              B) Leading causes of death

              C) Lifestyle factors

              D) Obesity – a brief look at our nation’s epidemic

              E) What one can do to improve upon one's own wellness


    II. Stress

    A)  Eustress/Distress                                                               

    B)   Stressors

    C)   Effects of stress of one's health

    D)  Healthful ways to handle stress


    III. Understanding the Progression of Hate

    A)  Prejudice  

    B)   Intolerance

    C)   Discrimination

    D)  Acceptance/Tolerance

    E)   Pyramid of Hate 

    Quarter 2/Quarter 3


    IV. Drugs and Alcohol in Our Society

              A) Attitudes towards drug use/ current drug trends       

              B) Factual information

              C) Codependency

              D) Addiction

              E) Intervention

              F) Recovery


    V. Human Sexuality - Review

    A)  Female and Male Anatomy & Physiology

    B)   STIs

    C)   Abstinence/Contraception/STI Prevention            

    D)  Sexual Orientation

    E)   Pregnancy & Birth   



    Quarter 3/ Quarter 4


    VI. Healthy Relationships vs. Abusive Relationships

    A)     Healthy Relationships

    B)     Decision Making

    C)     Physical/Emotional/Mental and Sexual Abuse

    D)     Seeking help from dangerous relationships     


    VII. College Transition

    A)  Transitioning into college/workforce – questions/fears

    B)   What to expect in college classes – syllabus, policies, etc.

              C)  College Life – work load/living away from home/roommates/


              D)  Date Rape   

              E)   Campus Safety     



    Community Service Project Letter

    Community Service Log Sheet