• 4th R Recreation Program 
    Fall 2017
    General Information & Refund Policy
    Before registering for 4th R Classes, please see the General Information page which provides the program's policy information on the registration, late pick-ups, and other topics.
     The deadline for all registration is Thursday,October 19, 2017.  
    Registration: The 4th R program allows a child to be registered for a maximum of two classes. Registration order is determined by a lottery system and takes place at POB Middle School.

    *** Please have ALL REGISTRATION FORMS FILLED OUT prior to attending your school's registration (the 4th R office reserves the right to skip your turn in line if your registration form(s) is not fully complete). ***

    Payment (by check or money order only) is due at the time of registration. Once a child is registered for a class, there are NO REFUNDS given. Please click here for more details on 4th R registration.

    Mail-In Registration: Registration for 4th R classes may be mailed into the 4th R/Child Care office. Please be advised that mail-in registrations will only be considered after a school's registration night is complete. Please click here for more details on 4th R registration.

    Registration Forms: All registration forms must be fully completed prior to the registration lottery. The 4th R staff reserves the right to skip your turn if your registration form is not complete. A business and emergency phone number must be listed. If we do not have one, your child/children will not be accepted into the class. This is in your child's best interest.

    Payment: Full payment of class(es) must be made upon registration. Payment is only accepted in the form of check or money order. Class fees are listed in the class descriptions. Payments must be made payable to POB CSD 4th R. A separate payment for each class and for each child is required (siblings must have separate payments).

    Refund Policy: We regret to inform you that once a child is accepted and placed in a 4th R class with sufficient registration there are no refunds. Placement in a class with friends/carpools is not guaranteed.

    Transportation: The 4th R program does not provide transportation. The parents or guardians are responsible for picking up their child, or authorizing a person or persons to pick up their child. If a child is registered for a class at a different school other then their own, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to drop off and pickup the child.

    Late Pickup: Please be prompt in picking up your child at the conclusion of the session. If you are late in picking up your child, the child will be placed in Child Care and you will be charged the extra hour rate of $10 per hour (any part of an hour counts as a full hour).

    Insufficient Registration: In the event a class is cancelled due to insufficient registration, you will be notified. Your payment will be returned to the address listed on the registration form.

    School Day Procedures: All children registered for 4th R classes should report to the Child Care room at the conclusion of the school day. Attendance will be taken by the Child Care staff and all children will be provided a snack and drink prior to the start of the 4th R class.

    Absences: If a child is not attending a 4th R class on a particular day, please make sure to inform the front office of your child's school, your child's teacher, and the Child Care staff at your child's school. Child Care has a mailbox at each school where a note can be dropped off. 

    Cancelled Classes: If due to inclement weather and the District cancels after school activities, or a class is canceled last minute due to the unavailability of the instructor, your child will be sent to Child Care (free of charge) until their normal pickup time. If you make other arrangements, your child's school and the Child Care program must be notified prior to the beginning of the program.

    If you have any questions about the 4th R program, please feel free to contact the office at (516) 434-3126 between the hours of 4:00 PM - 6:15 PM.