• 4th R Recreation Program 
    Fall 2017
    Registration Information & Policies
    Before registering for 4th R Classes, please see the General Information page which provides the program's policy information on the registration, late pick-ups, and other topics.

    Parents/guardians are permitted to sign their children up for a maximum of two (2) classes per child.  

         1) The lottery system (see below) will be implemented in the same manner as it has been in the past. However, parents/guardians will now only be able to register their child (or children) for two (2) classes at a time.

         2) To allow registration to move at a faster pace and be completed more quickly, parents/guardians must have their registration form fully filled out when their lottery number is called. If a parent/guardian does not have a registration form fully completed when their lottery number is called, their place in line will be skipped until they have completed the form. Registration forms will available onsite, however it is strongly encouraged that parents/guardians have the necessary forms completed before attending registration. This has been implemented to serve in the best interests of all parents/guardians.

    Please note: Class fees/payments must be paid by check or money order made payable to POB CSD 4th R. Cash or credit cards are not accepted. Payment must be made upon registration. Once registration is accepted, NO REFUNDS can be given.

    How the lottery works: Those parents/guardians who arrive in the lobby of POB Middle School prior to the designated registration start time  will be required to submit their name for a lottery. Those people who have submitted their name by the DESIGNATED registration time will draw a random number. (Example: If there are 30 names, there will be 30 numbers placed in the lottery.) There is no first come, first served policy. Names will not be taken until 15 minutes prior to the designated registration start time.

    Parents wishing to sign their child up for classes in a building different than the one the child attends must attend registration for the building in which the particular class is scheduled. (Example: If a parent is registering their child for a class at Parkway and a class at Pasadena, they must show up both nights.) 

    Parents/guardians attending registration will be notified if a class gets closed as soon as possible. Please note that in the event that a class has insufficient registration, parents will be notified of its cancellation by phone.

    Parents/guardians must sign up their own children. If a parent is unable to attend the registration they may designate someone else to register their child only if that person is not registering another child. A parent may not sign up their own child or children along with a child from another family. Siblings may be registered together. The 4th R Program cannot guarantee placement in classes with friends/carpools.

    Once registration is accepted there will be no refunds for pulling a child out of a class. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Registration forms must be filled out individually for a specific child  and each class requires a separate registration form. A child registering for more than one (1) class must have registration forms filled out for each class. Siblings are not allowed to share a registration form and a child may not register for multiple classes on the same registration form.

    Mail-in Registration: Please be advised that mail-in registration forms will not be considered until after the day after a school's registration date. If, after in-person registration is complete, there are still openings in classes they will be filled by mail-in registration. Mailed in registration forms will be treated as first come, first serve by postmark and time stamp.  Each individual student must have their own registration form per class with separate payment must be stapled together. The deadline for all registration is Thursday, October 19, 2017.  All registrations MUST be received in the mail before the deadline.  

    Mail-in registration forms and checks (made payable to POB CSD 4th R) can be mailed to:


    117 Central Park Road
    Attn: POB Child Care/4th R Office
    Plainview, NY 11803
    Re: 4th R Registration

    If you have any questions about the 4th R program, please feel free to contact the office at (516) 434-3126  between the hours of 4:00 PM - 6:15 PM.