• 5th and 6th Grade Band

    Handbook 2015-2016

    Teacher: Mr. Langenauer

    Email: AaLangenauer@pobschools.org

    Course Description

    Band is a performance-based instrumental music class in which students will begin or continue study on a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument of their choice. Students will have class three times a week: two will be large ensemble band rehearsals, and one will be a small group lesson for each instrument and grade level.


    Band lessons take place on a rotating basis. Students are grouped by age and instrument. Each lesson group will meet on a specific day of the week, but the time of the lesson will change each week according to a rotating schedule.

    Rehearsals will take place during 0 period. The weekly schedule is as follows:

    2015-2016 Rehearsal Schedule for 0 Period






    5th Grade Band

    Combined 5th and 6th Grade Bands

    6th Grade Band

    Learner Outcomes

    Students will…

    • Provide basic maintenance and care of their instruments.

    • Develop technical proficiency on their instruments. This includes utilizing proper posture, breathing, and embouchures, as well as improving tone, range, intonation, articulation, etc.

    • Exhibit an expanded knowledge of rhythmic and pitch patterns, time and key signatures, dynamics, scales, etc.

    • Develop both their musical reading skills and their musical aural skills.

    • Display responsibility and accountability for their own education through lesson/rehearsal attendance and preparedness, as well as adhering to the Code of Conduct.

    Required Materials

    Students will be required to bring the following to every lesson and rehearsal:

    • Small band binder (½”) with concert music, schedules, important notices, etc.

    • Lesson Book

    • Pencil (NOT Pen)

    • Instrument (or mouthpiece, sticks, etc. for percussion players and those with separate school/home instruments)

    All horn, trombone, and baritone students will be supplied a school district instrument for school use, and a separate instrument for home for a small fee. There will not be any mouthpieces available from the school; students must own their own mouthpiece and bring it to every lesson and band rehearsal.

    All percussionists must rent or own a bell kit for home use. Bell kits will be available for use in school, but students are required to bring their own sticks (mallets will be supplied).

    All other students must rent or purchase an instrument. If you plan on purchasing one, please speak with me before committing to a purchase so that I can help recommend trustworthy brands and venues. Many high quality instruments are affordable, but many affordable instruments are far from a high quality.

    Code of Conduct

    All students are expected to adhere to the following classroom rules:

    1. I will come to class on time, prepared with my materials, without any food or drinks, and will offer my undivided attention to learning.

    2. I will follow directions in a timely manner the first time given.

    3. I will be responsible for my own appropriate behavior.

    4. I will treat myself, my teacher, my classmates, and my classroom (including equipment) with courtesy and respect.


    Failure to adhere to the classroom rules will result in the following (in order of transgression and severity):

    1. Warning

    2. -2 points from participation grade

    3. -3 for a total of -5 points from participation grade

    4. Code of Conduct worksheet to be filled out and signed by parent

    5. Principal referral


    Each week, students will be assigned music to practice from their lesson books, concert music, and other materials. They will then make a video recording of themselves performing something from their practice assignment, and after reviewing that recording, fill out an online self-assessment practice journal, which can be found on our band website.

    It is advised that students work in short, frequent practice sessions. For example, it is far more effective to practice for 20 minutes 5 days a week than it is to practice for 50 minutes 2 days a week.


    A few times per quarter, students will be assessed on the performance of band music and/or lesson book exercises. These tests will happen in lessons, but I may introduce an option later in the year for students to record themselves and have the recording graded as a test.

    Grading Policy

    Lessons - 10%

    • Attendance-based

    • Two “freebies” per quarter

    Rehearsals - 20%

    • Attendance-based

    Participation - 20%

    • Quarter grade starts at 100; points deducted for misbehavior or poor participation

      • -1 for not having all required materials

      • -1 for not being ready to play on time

      • -2 for breaching code of conduct (2nd offense)

      • -5 total for breaking code of conduct multiple times (3rd offense)

    Homework - 20%

    • Record yourself each week, review it, and fill out an online practice journal

    Tests - 30%

    • Concert music and/or lesson book exercises

    • Based on rubric

    • Students always have the option to retake it

    • 2 per quarter (Concerts and other performances may also count as tests)


    In order to communicate important announcements, last minute schedule changes, reminders for important rehearsals, etc., we will be using a program called Remind. Parents (not students!) will sign up to receive text or email announcements. Parents should sign up for a total of two classes. Parents of all 5th graders should sign up for the “5th Grade Band” class, and parents of all 6th graders should sign up for the “6th Grade Band” class. Additionally, parents should also sign up for their child’s lesson group (5th Grade Flutes, 6th Grade Trumpets, etc.). Here is a printout of instructions to register for the “5th Grade Band” class: http://pdfs.remind.com/invite?alternate_phone_number=%28631%29+956-8875&class_code=5-band&class_name=5th+Grade+Band&phone_number=81010&sms_supported=true&user_signature=A.+Langenauer. You can follow the same procedure to register for any of the other classes by substituting the 5th Grade Band Code (@5-band) for the code of your desired class. The class codes are as follows:

    5th Grade Band: @5-band

    5th Grade Flutes: @5flutes

    5th Grade Clarinets: @5clarinets

    5th Grade Saxophones: @5saxophone

    5th Grade Trumpets: @5trumpets

    5th Grade Horns: @5horns

    5th Grade Low Brass: @5lowbrass

    5th Grade Percussion: @5percussio

    6th Grade Band: @6-band

    6th Grade Flutes: @6flut

    6th Grade Clarinets: @6clar

    6th Grade Saxophones: @6saxophone

    6th Grade Trumpets: @6trumpets

    6th Grade Horns: @6horns

    6th Grade Low Brass: @6low-brass

    6th Grade Percussion: @6percussio

    Other Notifications

    Once a student misses three lessons in a row (without providing me with a valid reason) or misses three homework assignments in a row, I will send the following emails to that student’s parent/guardian:


    This email is to kindly inform you that your child has missed three consecutive band lessons and has not spoken to me about why. Band lessons are a crucial part of your child’s music education and play an important role in the development of musical skills as well as a variety of academic, cognitive, and creative skills. Band lessons also help to foster a sense of community in the music program which aid in developing your child’s collaborative skills as well as social and emotional development. I will speak with your child when I can but I also feel it’s important to keep you informed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


    This email is to kindly inform you that your child has missed three consecutive homework assignments in band. Each week, students need to record themselves and fill out an online practice journal found on our band website. Consistent practicing is a crucial part of your child’s music education and plays an important role in the development of musical skills as well as a variety of academic, cognitive, and creative skills. Practicing also helps to develop “self-learning” skills, including determination, organization, goal-setting, planning, self-reflection, and self-esteem. I will speak with your child when I can but I also feel it’s important to keep you informed. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


    Band Officers

    This year, we will begin a Band Officers group. All 6th graders who are interested are invited to join! Band Officers will fulfill a variety of duties including (but not limited to) oiling valves, replacing reeds, distributing music, and directing students at the start of rehearsal. Additionally, Band Officers will share their input on music for upcoming concerts and may contribute towards the publication of a band newsletter!

    Stay tuned for more information as this opportunity develops!