School Lunch Program
    The School District's food service program is administered by Whitson's Culinary Group.  For questions related to the District's school lunch program, please contact our Director, Karen Ball, at (516) 434-3230.  The following is a link to their home page: Click here
    Optional On-line Payment System 
    The Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District uses “MySchoolBucks”, an optional online payment solution for student lunch purchases.  If you would like to use this payment option for school lunches, please review the attached letter. 

    Existing Users:

    If you set up an account last year, all information has been transferred to the new year and your account is still active. 

    First Time Users:

    If you have not used this optional payment system, and would like to use "MySchoolBucks" you will be required to set up an account using your child's 'Student Number'.  First, log on to infinite campus parent portal to retrieve your child's 'Student Number'.  The 'Student Number' is located in the infinite campus Parent Portal to the right of his/her picture on the upper left side of the screen.  It is a 9-digit number. The 'Student Number' is required for you to enroll in MySchoolBucks.  Once you have your 'Student Number', please follow the instructions in the attached letter. 

    In addition, you will locate your child’s PIN by clicking on “MySchoolBucks PIN” on the left side of the screen in the Parent  Portal.  The PIN is used when your child goes through the lunch line.  The PIN is a 4-digit number that will then appear under the word “Value” in the center of the screen. The PIN number is not required to register on MySchoolBucks.

    Additional Options:

    Please note, the district still accepts payment by check or daily cash purchases.  "MySchoolBucks" is optional and you can use "MySchoolBucks" to view balance information without using it to process payments.  Please note, if you decide to use "MySchoolBucks" to process payments, there is a convenience fee of $2.49 per transaction.  This fee covers payments up to $120 per occurrence. 

    If you have any questions, you can email parentsupport@myschoolbucks.com  or call (855) 832-5226.  Also, our Food Service Director can be reached at 516-434-3230.

    Availability of Free Summer Meals for Children 
    Please be aware there are several resources that provide children with free summer meals.      
    For more information and locations of these meals please contact:
    • The NYS Department of Health - 1-800-522-5006
    • Island Harvest - 516-294-8528 or islandharvest.org