Electronic Fingerprinting


    Criminal History Check Letter (within 60 days)

    Physical Performance Test (within 60 days)
    According to section 6.11 of the regulations of the commissioner of Motor Vehicles (1.5 NYCRR 6.11) each driver shall have a physical and mental ability test to determine if he or she can safely operate a school bus and can perform the other responsibilities of a school bus driver. This exam is given once every two years.  
    Medical Examination
    With date written (within 90 days) and PPD. If PPD is positive, the results of a Chest x-ray within one year of the application date is required. Every bus driver must submit to an annual medical examination by a New York State licensed physician who is not his/her personal physician. Each medical examination must include tests for hearing, vision, tuberculosis, and all other conditions, illnesses, and/or diseases. Annual physicals are part of the regular monitoring process. All bus drivers must meet the requirements of the New York State Education Commissioners regulations stated at 8(A) NYCRR Section 156.3 and the New York State Motor Vehicles Commissioner's regulations stated at 15 (A) NYCRR Sections 6.11 and 6.12
    Drug Test Results (within 60 days)
    Plainview Old Bethpage Central School District is recognized as having the strictest standards. The Office of Pupil Transportation has established a "Zero Tolerance Drug Policy" with respect tot he presence, use, and/or abuse of controlled substances and/or drugs in any aspect of the performance by the Contractors or its employees. Every bus driver must submit to a pre-employment drug test at the time of the approval process. In addition, drivers are required to submit to  random, post accident, and reasonable suspicion drug tests in accordance with the Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration 49.
    Abstract from DMV

              19-A active, if not driver should have an add on to roster letter from DMV
    Every bus driver must have a currently valid, appropriate operator's license for the type of vehicle he/she operates. A conditional or restricted use license is not acceptable. Annually, an abstract of the driver's official vehicle operating record from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is required to be submitted to the Plainview Old Bethpage Central School District's transportation office.
    Pre-Service Training
    Each bus driver must comply fully with the Regulations of the New York State commissioner of Education
    stated at 8(A) N.Y.C.R.R. 156.3(d) (2) pertaining to training 
    and instruction.
    • Each driver will receive two hours of instruction in school bus safety practices prior to the start of service

    • Each driver transporting handicapped children must receive an additional hour of instruction concerning the special needs of a handicapped child prior to the start of service

    • Each driver must receive  two hours of refresher instruction in school bus safety twice a year.

    • In addition, during the first year of employment, each driver must complete a 30-hour course on school bus safety.

    • Behind the Wheel Road Test (within 60 days of certification
    • Article 19-A Oral/Written Test (within 60 days of certification )
    • 30 Hour Certificate (within a year of certification)
    • Spring / Fall Refresher Certificate
    • 2 Pieces of ID required: Driver’s License and Social Security Card. If not a citizen, Green Card or Resident Card
    • Defensive Driving Course (within 60 days of certification )
    • 3 Letters of Reference
      • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
        From: The State of New York - Department of Motor Vehicles