• marketing 1
    marketing 1

    Course Overview

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course includes the study of basic business and marketing principles. Topics discussed during the first semester of the course include basic business, marketing, and economic principles, the global marketplace, business responsibility, and job interviewing techniques. The second half of the year focuses on advertising, creative selling, and marketing management. Throughout the course, students will study and analyze marketing cases based on classroom knowledge. The marketing students are eligible to join DECA, a national association of marketing students that participate in social, civic, and competitive activities on the local, state, and international levels. The course meets every day for one full year.

    Prerequisite: None

    ASSESSMENTS UTILIZED: Multiple choice and short answer examinations, projects, case studies, midterm and final project

    HOMEWORK: 1-2 assignments/week

    COURSE EXPECTATIONS: It is expected that students conscientiously complete assignments, actively participate in-class discussions, and attend remedial if necessary.