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    English Language Learners (ELLs) demonstrate their English language skills, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking, every spring as they take the NYSESLAT exam.  The following areas of language acquisition are evaluated on this exam:
    • Listening Comprehension - students listen to several passages and respond to comprehension and inferencing questions based on what they hear.
    • Reading Comprehension - students read several passages of various lengths and respond to comprehension and inferencing questions.
    • Writing - Students write personal narratives based on a picture or textual prompt.  Students also write a response to text, in which they use documents to support their claims.
    • Speaking - Students respond to conversation questions.  Students respond to comprehension and inference questions based on visual or textual prompts.
    New York State releases the results of the NYSESLAT exam at the end of the summer.  Placement for the upcoming school year is determined by the results of this exam.  Score reports are mailed to parents in early September.  Click HERE for a presentation to understand the NYSESLAT results.  
    Score Reports - 2016
    Click HERE to read the letter about student score reports from the May 2016 exam.
    To access information about understanding student score reports, please click HERE.