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    Report Cards
    A Parent’s Guide
    Social Skills/Work Habits
    This key is used to assess social skills and work habits which are positive behaviors that lead to success at work, home and in life.
                                 Social Skills/Work Habits Marking Code

    E Excellent

    S Satisfactory

    NI Needs Improvement

    U Unsatisfactory

    When are the reporting periods?
    You will receive your child’s report card in December, March, and June. Parent-Teacher conferences are held in December and March. Please refer to the district calendar for specific dates.
    What Can You Do To Help Your Child?
    Maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with your child’s teacher.
    Take care of your child’s social, emotional, and physical health. Every child needs rest, a balanced schedule of activities and a healthy diet.
    Know what kind of homework is expected of your child and develop a routine for homework completion.
    Ask your child specific questions about school activities. Listen, converse, plan and celebrate with your child.
    Make reading a natural part of your family’s daily routine. Read to your child. Have your child read to you. Read and discuss books together.
    Discuss current events. Allow your child to express opinions about what’s happening in the community and in the world.
    Encourage activities that involve problem solving. Let your child find solutions to problems by asking for suggestions and comments.
    Expose your child to new cultural, environmental and social experiences that support and stimulate learning.
    Guide, limit, and monitor television viewing, video games and Internet usage. Focus on programs with educational value and discuss them with your child.

    Purpose of the Elementary Report Card:

    To communicate your child’s achievement in relation to learning standards

    To promote student learning

    To provide a basis for communicating how parents and teachers can collaborate to support student learning


    Why the Report Card Needed Updating:

    The district has implemented new curriculum across the subject areas. The new report card will provide you with more targeted information in these specific subjects.

    To address the NYS Common Core Standards

    *January 10, 2011 The New York State Board of Regents approved the Common Core learning standards. The common core standards provide a consistent clear understanding of what students are expected to learn so that teachers and parents know what they need to help them.

    To increase the frequency of academic reports

    * The trimester reporting system will provide parents with information about the academic progress your child is making during the school year to achieve the standards that they are expected to attain for his or her grade level more frequently than our previous reports allowed.

    What’s Different?

    Each grade will have its own report card.

    Academics, social and learning behaviors will be reported three times a year.

    Each standard will be assessed at each trimester.

    Each descriptive subheading will be marked only when a particular strength or weakness is observed.

    Personal development has been divided into two categories: social skills and work habits. These areas will have a different marking key.

    How will students be marked?

    The report card is divided into subject areas as well as learning and social behaviors. In the new report, you will find more specific examples of what your child is expected to know, understand, and be able to do.

    This report card uses a scale of 1-4 to indicate progress on the grade level standards for each trimester.

    Performance Levels:

    Performance Level scores are not based on one assessment experience. Teachers design multiple assessment tasks and collect evidence of student learning throughout the grading period. Evidence may include teacher observations, student work samples, projects, tests, quizzes, and district assessments. Teachers review these items for evidence of learning when grading student progress for the report card.
    It is important to note that the Performance Level is based on the units of study and concepts and skills taught for that trimester. It is quite possible for a child to achieve a 3 or 4 the first trimester and then achieve a 2 the next.

    4=Exceeding Standards

    Demonstrates superior understandings

    Exceeds requirements for grade-level work

    Consistently applies and extends learned concepts and skills independently



    Demonstrates and applies knowledge and understanding of learned concepts and skills

    Meets require-ments for grade-level work

    Completes work accurately and independently



    Demonstrates partial understandings

    Beginning to meet require-ments for

    grade-level work

    Requires some extra time, instruction,

    assistance and/or practice

    1= Below Standards

    Demonstrates minimal understandings

    Seldom meets requirements for grade-level work

    Requires an extended amount of time, instruction, assistance and/or practice