Name of Website   Grade Level   Description
    Math Right Now   8-12   Instructional videos, guided practice, solutions
    Khan Academy    K-12+    Instructional videos, practice exercises, adaptive technology 
    Problem-Attic   3-12+   Math questions from from NY Regents, State & National Assessments, Academic Competitions
    JMAP   9-12   Regents questions and other resources to prepare for Regents exams
    Patrick JMT   3-12+    Instructional videos 
    Math Guide   7-12   Lessons, activities and instructional videos for Pre-algebra up through Calculus
    Code.org   K-12+   Free curriculum resources and tutorials; lessons & activities related to computer science 
    Metric Conversions   3-12+   Conversions for currency, temperature, weight, etc.
    The Math Learning Center   K-5   Visual math apps includng fractions, number lines, money and pattern shapes
    Art of Problem Solving    3-11   
    Instructional videos, adaptive online learning system,
    AMC and AIME problem seminars 
    Math is Fun   K- Calculus   Mini lessons, worksheets, games, puzzles, NYS standards 
    Phet Simulations   K-12    Interactive Simulations 
    Matific   K-6    Games and practice worksheets 
    Teachnology   K-12   Printable Worksheets
    K5Math   K-5   Sample activities by standard; teaching resources
    K5 Learning   K -5   Printable Worksheets
    Sheppard Software   K-8   Interactive math games/activities to build fluency
    Investigations Games   K-5   Interactive math games/activities to build fluency (1-2+ players)
    Math Bits   6-11   Lessons and practice pages 
    Virtual Manipulatives   Pre K-12   Interactive manipulatives, puzzles, practice, discovery 
    TeacherLED Manipulatives   K-8   Interactive manipulatives including clocks, timed multiplication tables, hundreds charts, place value activities, fractions, coordinates, temperature, angle measure, dice
    GeoGebra   K-12   Interactive applications in geometry, stats and calculus; allows for graphing and simulations
    Math Aids   K-5    Practice worksheet creator 
    Prodigy   1-8   Interactive math games 
    Math Playground   K-6   Interactive math games to build fluency
    Thinking Blocks   K-6   Modeling and solving word problems
    Wyzant   K-12    Lessons and practice questions 
    Hit That Button   1-6   Interactive math games/activities to build fluency
    Regents Review   8-12   Instructional videos 
    Quizlet    K-12+    Flash cards, interactive games, practice tests 
    Math is Power 4 u   3-12+   Instructional videos
    Mathway   6-12+   Web calculator & problem solver with step-by-step solutions
    Math Open Reference   7-10   Interactive math textbook for Algebra I and Geometry
    Symbolab   6-12+   Web calculator, practice problems, video tutorials
    Math Fact Cafe   K-5   Math drills, flashcards, counting, time, money, and more
    Multiplication.com   3-12   Interactive math games, practice tests, quizzes & worksheets
    Times Tables 1 to 12   2-4   Multiplication games for the whole class or individual students to build fluency
    Illuminations by NCTM   Pre K-12   Lessons, interactive practice and discovery 
    Mathwire   5-8   Problem solving resources, open-ended problems
    cK12   K-12   Adaptive Practice, Simulations, Study Guides
    Math Drills   1-12+   Practice worksheets and e-flash cards to build fluency
    NRICH   K-12   Enrichment activities, problem solving
    Math for Love   K-10   Game ideas for math, rich tasks and free lessons
    Sketchometry   5-12   Converts hand drawings into geometric constructions
    Statistics Lectures   8-12+   Summary lessons, instructional videos, lectures
    AP Statistics Lectures    10-12+   Lecture videos and notes
    Education.com   Pre K-5   Guided lessons, practice worksheets, math games
    Precalculus by Larson   10-12   Instructional videos
    WolframAlpha   ALL   Computational knowledge engine, solves problems
    Desmos    7-12+   Graphing Calculator App
    Calculators for Kids    ALL   Various web calculators
    MoneyGeek   7-12+   Compound interest calculator
    Intervention Central   K-12   RtI Resources
    Ultimate List of Financial Calculators   9 - 12   Ultimate List of Financial Calculators