National English Honor Society

    National English Honor Society is a national organization that rewards excellence of achievement in language, literature, writing, and media arts. This chapter, formed in 2021, provides students with an outlet and creative forum for sharing ideas through their work while also interacting with their school community and the POB community at large.

    NEHS Executive Board 2023/2024:

    • Ava John
    • Richard Wong
    • Megan Lee
    • Ryan Lee
    • Isabel Blissard
    • Carter Bloom
    • Leo Stearn

    Important Dates for 2023/2024:

    • October 6 (Hard deadline to finish writing samples/applications)
    • October 24 (General Meeting)
    • November 28 (General Meeting)
    • December Meeting Date is TBD  
    • January 23 (General Meeting)
    • February 27 (General Meeting)
    • March 26 (General Meeting)
    • April Meeting Date is TBD  
    • May 2 (Night of Honors)
    • May 28 (General Meeting)

    Interested in joining for the 2024/2025 school year?

    • Admission to NEHS is open to juniors and seniors who, at minimum, have final course averages that meet the following academic requirements from their past two English classes:
      • AP Course: 90
      • Honors Course: 92
      • Regents Course: 93
    • The application process will consist of the following steps:
      • Phase I (May/June 2024)
        • Students must:
          • Complete a Google Form survey indicating their interest.
          • Obtain two teachers' recommendations (one must be from an English teacher)
      • Phase II
        • Students must complete a virtual writing sample 
        • More information regarding this portion of the application process will be provided to eligible students after Phase I.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: