Information about the Personal Narrative College Essay
Summer 2016 Optional Summer Assignments 
2016/2017 Department Information 
Mr. Joseph Beck
English 9 Regents, English 9 Regents + Power Writing I, Journalism, and English 12: Genre Study / The Play
Ms. Colleen Cho
English 11 Regents
Mr. Paul Coluccio
English 11 Regents 
and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition
Mr. Robert DiTolla
English 10 Regents Collaborative, Contemporary Literature, and Literature of the Supernatural
Ms. Jamie Feder
English 11 Regents and English 10 Honors
Ms. Tracey Gonzalez
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition and Facing History and Ourselves
Ms. Sophia Goodrich
English 9 Regents, Literature and Writing Fundamentals I, and 
Literature and Writing Fundamentals II
Ms. Amanda Jacovina
English 10 Regents and English 9 Honors
Ms. Barbara Lane
English 9 Honors, Reality Readings, and 
English 11 Regents
Mr. Blaise Martinelli
English 10 Regents + Power Writing II and Writing for College I
Mr. James Mayo
English 9 Regents and 
English 11 Regents Collaborative
Ms. Kimberly Muller
Theater Arts I/II/III, English 11 Regents Collaborative, and English 11 Honors
Ms. Lauren Rollens
English 9 Regents Collaborative, Creative Writing, and Writing for College II
Ms. Donna Scully
Advanced Placement Language and Composition and Public Speaking
Ms. Lina Seaton
Advanced Placement Language and Composition and Writing for College I
Jane Weinkrantz
English 10 Honors, English 11 Regents + Power Writing III, and English 10 Regents + Power Writing II
Mr. Adam Weinstock
Radio Fundamentals, Radio Production, Radio Broadcast Daily, English 9 Regents, and Alienation Literature
Mr. Jeffrey Yagaloff
English 10 Advanced Placement Capstone Seminar
Here's a link to Level it Books, a really useful application that can be installed on to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches:
The application gives you the ability to scan a book's ISBN # to view the Lexile, Guided Reading, Grade Level Equivalent, and/or DRA levels for the book.