2019 Yves LeMay/Diana Watson Obey Award

    Carolyn Loiacono


    2018 Yves LeMay/Diana Watson Obey Award 

    Lisa Markowicz-Abel


    2017 Yves LeMay/Diana Watson Obey Award


     Kathy Salerno

    Nancy Rogers

    2016 Yves LeMay / Diana Watson Obey

    Title IX Award Recipient

    Nancy Rogers 

    Nancy started teaching in Plainview-Old Bethpage in 1998.  She was the cheerleader coach for 3 years; and during her tenure as head coach, promoted the sport so much that she was able to add a JV team alongside the once only varsity team because of the increased turnout of girls.  Nancy is much more than just a business teacher at the high school.  She was involved in the National Honor Society, she is the faculty auditor that reviews the extracurricular records of 3 schools, and she runs Moot Court. In Moot Court she has appointed and encouraged female students to take on leadership positions.  She teaches girls to lead and excel in a tough industry.  She entered for the first time an All girls team in the Nassau County Bar Association Tournament last year.  The girls didn’t just place well in the tournament, they Won the tournament.  Lastly, Nancy is a mom of 4, and is able to balance her time so well between family and career, she teaches all her students how versatile a strong woman can be.