• Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District

    106 Washington Avenue, Plainview, New York 11803

    Co-Chairs:                             Secretary:                   Title IX Compliance Officer: 

    Lisa Markowicz Abel             Jenn Shinsky                Laurie Lynn, Director of Guidance

    Laura Marino

     It is the purpose of the Title IX committee to develop, strengthen, and raise awareness of gender equality through education, communication and athletics.

     We accomplish this purpose by securing and promoting celebrations of women's achievements that foster the balance toward gender equality, distributing materials, monitoring issues within the school community, and encouraging student participation in all endeavors toward this goal.

     Annually, the committee presents the Yves LeMay / Diana Watson Obey Award to a person in the district that exemplifies the traits characterized by both Yves LeMay and Diana Watson Obey.  Yves LeMay and Diana Watson Obey were both teachers in this district that promoted the ideals of Title IX through their actions, teaching, and positive impact on their students.  Unfortunately, both teachers’ lives were cut short while teaching in the district. 

     The committee welcomes nominations within our district; teacher, administrator, employee, community member, etc... that you feel promotes the ideas of Title IX.  You can interoffice mail your nomination to Laura Marino @OBES & Lisa Markowicz Abel @POBMS.  You can also email an attachment describing the nominee to lamarino@pobschools.orgLiMarkowicz@pobschools.org . The award ceremony is held at central administration on May 18th.  The deadline for submitting this nomination is March 7th, 2017. 


    Title IX Committee 

    Previous--Yves LeMay / Diana Watson Obey Award winners:

    2016     Nancy Rogers                                    2007    Dr. Ed. Metzendorf, Jr.

    2015    Greg Scesney                                      2006    Jane Behrens

    2014    Kathy Abbene                                     2005    Gail Weinstein

    2013    Neil Lasher                                         2004    Linda Markowicz

    2012    Justin Carey                                       2002    Joan Kaufman

    2011    Meg Fessel                                          2001    Frances Tillona

    2010    Diane Sandler                                    2000    Jana Guskin

    2009    Sandi Vanderpool                              1999    Carol Recchia

    2008    Carol Meschkow                                1999    Heather Cottin