• Mrs. McCarthy’s 8th Grade Earth Science

    Course Outline



    1. Introduction to Observations, Inferences, Density and Changing Environment
    2. Measuring Earth

         -size and shape

         - locating positions on earth

          C.  Astronomy

                        1. Origin and Age of the Universe

                        2. Solar System

                        3. Motions of the Earth, Moon and Sun

    1. Energy

             -Electromagnetic Energy

             - Energy Transfer

             - Heat energy and change of state


    1. Insolation and the Seasons

             -Solar Radiation\

             -Heat Budget


    Mid-term Exam: January


    1. Meteorology

                    -Temperature, Pressure, Wind, Moisture, Dewpoint

                    -Airmasses and Fronts

                    -Storms and Severe Weather

    1. Climate
    2. Weathering, Erosion and Deposition
    3. Minerals and Rocks
    4. Earth’s Dynamic Crust and Interior

    -Crustal Changes



    -Plate Tectonics

    1. Geologic History

    -Relative Dating


    -Radioactive Decay

    1. Landscape Regions


    New York State Earth Science Lab Practical: Beginning of June

    New York State Earth Science Regents Exam: End of June