Regents Level- Earth Science


    8th Grade

    Mrs. McCarthy


    Class Description:

              This is a Regents Earth Science course, which meets for one period everyday and two periods every other day.  We will complete many labs throughout the year in order to fulfill the Regents requirements and to qualify for the Regents Examination.  Failure to fulfill the required lab work will result in exclusion of the Regents Exam.  There will be a Laboratory Practical a few weeks before the written exam that is work 15% of your Regents Exam.

              While in this class, and for the rest of your time as a learner, you will be a researcher and more specifically, a Scientist. Participation is essential to fully grasp the difficult concepts that you will learn this year.


    Students must participate in class by:

         *Asking questions regarding the topic

         *Answering questions that the teacher OR a classmate may have.

         *Discussing scientific topics

         *Conducting lab activities


    Homework will be given daily, collected and graded.


    Tests will be given at the end of each topic and cover all material from that topic. Your grade should reflect your ability to apply concepts learned in class to actual scientific inquiry.


    Materials required for class:

              Pen and Pencil*                3 ring binder*

              Calculator                        lined loose leaf paper*

              Agenda Book *                 Folder

              Ruler                               Highlighter



    I encourage you to come to extra-help as often as possible.