The New York State Board of Regents has committed to the transformation of the preparation, support, and evaluation of all teachers and school leaders in New York State.  Chapter 21 of the Laws of 2012 amended Education Law §3012-c to fundamentally change the way teachers and principals are evaluated. As stated by the NYS Education Department, “The purpose of the evaluation system is to ensure that there is an effective teacher in every classroom and an effective leader in every school. The evaluation system will also foster a culture of continuous professional growth for educators to grow and improve their instructional practices1.”



School districts are required to submit their plan electronically for review by the New York State Education Department.  In all, a total of 13 tasks/sections must be completed.

Following the completion of negotiations on the district's plan, it was submitted electronically to The State Education Department and officially approved on January 4, 2013.
Click on each section above to access the plan that was submitted.

1. School District Information

Section 1

2. State Growth or Comparable Measures - Teachers

Section 2 
Additional SLOs
Teacher SLO Tables B1 B2 C4

3. Locally Selected Measures - Teachers

Section 3 
Teacher Local Table C2
Teacher Local Table C3

4. Other Measures of Effectiveness- Teachers

Section 4
Conversion Table

5. Composite Scoring - Teachers

Section 5

6. Additional Requirements - Teachers

Section 6
Teacher TIP

7. State Growth or Comparable Measures - Principals

Section 7
Principals SLO Tables 1 2 3

8. Locally Selected Measures - Principals

Section 8
Principals Local Table 4
Principals Local Table 5

9. Other Measures of Effectiveness - Principals

Section 9
Principal Effectiveness - Table 7

10. Composite Scoring - Principals

Section 10

11. Additional Requirements - Principals

Section 11
Principals PIP

12. Joint Certification of APPR Plan

Section 12

13. Submit Complete APPR Plan to NYSED for Review

Certification Page
Parent Requests for Teacher and Principal Ratings
Click HERE to access a brochure that explains the scores associated with the new Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) for teachers and principals.
Please note that scores will be provided to parents and guardians starting in mid-October after a verification process is completed.  To access instructions on how to access the scores for your child's teacher(s) or principal, please ckick HERE.  Depending on demand, once a request is received we anticipate being able to provide the scores within 10 school days.  However, if demand is high, additional time may be needed

When the scores are available, you will be able to click HERE to download a copy of
the score request form for TEACHERS and HERE to download a copy of the score request form for PRINCIPALS.  Aggregate district APPR results for our teachers and principals will be available by clicking HERE when they are available.
Click HERE to access an explanation of the composite effectiveness scoring ranges for final quality ratings for teachers and principals.
Click HERE to access a State Education Department presentation on how teacher and principal growth scores are calculated.
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Section 3012-c, as amended by Chapter 21 of the Laws of 2012, can be found at:$$EDN3012-C$$@TXEDN03012-C+&LIST=LAW+&BROWSER=EXPLORER+&TOKEN=49865177+&TARGET=VIEW.


The revised regulations can be found at:


The New York State Education Department

Teaching /Leader /Mentor Standards

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b. Educational Leadership Policy Standards. Adopted by the National Policy Board for

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