• To be able to use Kami with Google Classroom you must have:


    1. Google Classroom set up for both Student and Teacher accounts.

    2. Students assigned to a Classroom class under the correct teacher.

    3. The Kami Chrome extension and app installed in both your own and your students' Chrome browser. To install go to the Chrome Web Store here


    How to send individual copies to students via Google Classroom:

    1. Create an assignment

    2. Attach the file you would like to distribute to students and select 'Make a copy for each student'. At this point you can select how you want to share the file out to your students. We recommend setting "Make a copy for each student".



    3. Fill out the Title and any instructions and select Assign.



    If you have set the file options to "Make a copy for each student" your students will receive an individual copy of the assignment. Here is how the students will turn in the assignment. 



    From the Student's Side


     1) Student should click the "Open with Kami" buttom on the top of their document



    2. The students can use the tool bar on the left to make annotations and complete the assigned tasks. When they have finished, they can save back to the file in Drive created by Classroom.

    They do this by clicking the 'Save' button, which looks like a floppy disk, and then clicking the Save now button.


    Please note that despite the "Turn in" button, direct submission from Kami is restricted to the paid Teacher License.

    3. The student can turn in the assignment by clicking the Turn in button in Classroom.


    Optional: If you have corrections for your students, you can return your student's work from within Classroom. The students can then re-open the file, make any corrections and re-submit the file.


    If you need further assistance, please contact us at support@kamihq.com.