• Welcome to the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central Campus Portal!


    Plainview-Old Bethpage School District is pleased to provide the Infinite Campus Parent Portal communication tool. The Portal connects parents/guardians to students' data online, anytime, from anywhere there is Internet access. Once the Portal is accessed, information about their child's progress can be viewed.
    Making this information-rich connection with parents is a clear way to improve communication between teachers, parents and students. Access to the Parent Portal can be gained from home, work, public library, or anywhere an internet connection can be established. The Parent Portal is a free service to our district families.

    If you have an account, please sign in here: Log In Here

    How do I sign up for the Parent Portal Account?

    Step #1. Review the district computer policy: 8630- Computer Resource and Data Management
    Step #2. Prior to creating an Infinite Campus portal account, parents and guardians are required to sign our Parent Portal Agreement that is located on FamilyID. You may access the agreement by clicking here. You do not have to complete this agreement for each child enrolled in the district, you only have to complete it one time for one child. Completing the agreement will cover all your children enrolled in the district. Please enter the parent/guardian information for all parents/guardians that wish to have access to Parent Portal in the FamilyID form.
    Step #3. Once we confirm that you have completed the Parent Portal Agreement, you will receive an email invitation to sign up for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.  
    After completing steps 1 and 2, you will receive instructions via email with an "activation key code" to provide you with access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Step 3.     
    Step #4. To activate and log in to your account, please go to the following Web site: Log In Here  

    For further information on the Parent Portal, please visit: https://www.infinitecampus.com/audience/parents-students/help-center