• English Contract


    Students received a copy of the eighth grade English Forms and Procedures, which you signed.  This outlines class supplies, the proper heading, homework, grading, and expectations.





    We incorporate various audio/visual selections into the curriculum.  This aids in listening and note taking skills, as well as critical thinking skills.





    Homework is very important.  To receive credit, an assignment must be complete and on time.  Late work will not be accepted for credit. Each week, students receive “This Week at a Glance in Eighth Grade English”.  This weekly calendar contains our class work, homework, and long term assignments. The calendar can also be accessed through our school web pages on the district website.


    When written homework is not given, students are expected to read.  We do not call home to report a child did not do homework.  Please check the parent portal to monitor your child's work.






    Parent Portal


    The Parent Portal is open, giving you the opportunity to see how your child is doing in each class.  Grades are posted as quickly as possible, but please understand that some assignments take longer to grade than others.





      All eighth grade students participate in a unit highlighting the life of Edgar Allan Poe and we read a sampling of his stories.  We also do A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


    All eighth grade students read The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender, a Holocaust survivor.  She usually visits us in March.   





    Each student is responsible for doing his/her own work to the best of his/her ability.  Students caught plagiarizing any work will receive a zero, NO CHANCE to re-do the assignment.  This includes the copying of homework, as well as allowing someone to copy homework.