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     We did a wonderful thing today. We ran a Fundraiser in honor of one of our MAPPER'S brother. We surveyed our POBMS students to find out what was their fave as far as ice cream flavors. It turned out to be a vanilla based ice cream with fudge, M&Ms and Orio cookies- some sweetness, candy and cookies! While the packed cup went for $3.00, a 1/3 of the proceeds went to March of Dimes. It was a true success and we will hopefully have more POBLAST, which so many people have named and have gotten to enjoy!
    Halloween baskets will be raffled off to help raise money for the Beautification Committee in honor of Mrs. Sandee Goldstein. In addtion, costume tidbits will also be sold during period 9.  Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, 23rd. The winners will be announced during MAP on Friday, October 26th. Please support our worthy cause.
    Due to the fact that we were hit so hard by the wrath of Sandy, and a teacher lost his home, some of the procedes have been donated to this teacher. Our Map group was able to donate $125.00 for this teacher.This was decided by a vote in our MAP group. Still we were able to raise $175.00 for the Beautification Committee.

     This page offers you important information about how to access your

    new World History online textbook, as well as your new Science, A Closer Look

    World History

    1.     Go to http://


    2.     Log in using the username:  plainview1

    3.     Enter the password:  worldhistory

    Make sure you  do not have any spaces.

    Select the chapter and pages you need.

     cience, A Closer Look

    To access the student edition you will need this master code:


    For further practice with Wordly Wise lessons, please go to wordlywise3000.com.

    Please excuse the appearance of this page. It is a work in progress.