• Click here to see a 'how to' video to access JJP's e-books!

    Important:  When you search in Follett Destiny Discover, you will get e-book as well as print book results.  Look for the e-book icon ebook icon !  Print books will have a book icon book icon .  Audiobooks will have an audiobook icon audiobook icon ; however, some will be Playaways (MP3 players), some are books on CD, others will be e-audiobooks- the call number will specify which format a specific book is in.
    To login, click the 'Login' button on the top right side of your screen,
    then type in your school computer username and password.
     Destiny Discover view new as of 8/17
    To close a book, click on the title to open the book's tool bar, and then just click close on the top left
    Remember, if you are not actively reading a book for 30 minutes, you will automatically be logged out.
    There are changes to the e-book reader...
    new Follett ebook reader
    Follett Destiny Discover App
     Please note: This replaces Follett's BryteWave App used ln the past.  Your app should automatically update when you click on it, then you'll need to follow the directions below for "Once Installed..."
    ***Once the app is installed, choose New York as the location, then type Parkway in the area for school name and choose Parkway Elementary School in Plainview.  You can log in by entering the user name and password that you currently use to log in on the school's computers.  You can also use our 'guest' account- simply use our school's name.