lesson 57

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Lesson #57




AIM:  Why were George Washington’s actions as president so important?


DO NOW: Analyze the following quotes and answer the following question

 “My station is new, and if I may use the expression, I walk on untrodden ground”

 George Washington in1789.

“We are in a wilderness without a single footstep to guide us”

James Madison in 1789.


1)        What do you think these quotes mean?





I)                  Washington sets precedents as president

a)     Because he was the first president every action that he took set examples for other presidents to follow.

b)    Under article two of the Constitution the president is allowed to have advisors. These advisors are known as secretaries and they are in charge of certain departments in the government. These advisors make up what is called the Cabinet.

c)     Under George Washington there were five members of the cabinet, they were the secretaries of War, the Treasury, and State. Also, the offices of the Attorney General and the Post Master General.





Home work: read the Whiskey Rebellion on page 247. How did the results of the whiskey rebellion differ from the results of Shay’s rebellion?

Also go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/ and name all of the departments and cabinet level positions who advise President Obama. Also, do the vocabulary on pages 234-236