lesson 2

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v  AIM:  What are the 5 themes of geography?


v  DO now:  Describe what you think geography is.



I)                   What is Geography? What is History?

a)      Geography is the study of people their environment and their resources.

b)      History is the events that have happened over time in the lives of a people.


II)                In order to study geography scientists developed five themes:

a)      Theme one:  The first theme of geography is LOCATION, location means where something is on the Earth. There are two types of location, Exact and Relative.

1)      Exact Location is the location of a place using Latitude and Longitude. Latitude measures distance North and South of the Equator while Longitude measures distance East and West of the Prime Meridian. Using latitude and longitude together creates a grid which makes it easier to locate places. When using latitude and longitude latitude is always mentioned first. You must also mention N/S and E/W

2)      Relative Location is the location of a place in relation to other places.



b)      Theme two:  The second theme of geography is PLACE, place means the physical and human characteristics of an area. Physical features of a Place are anything that occurs in nature such as climate, plant life animal life, land forms or bodies of water. Human features are anything man made.








Home work: Using latitude and longitude and the map on pages R6 and R7 locate the following places.


New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney, Australia, Beijing, China