Reading Day 2015: The Case of the Missing Sherlock Scooby

The Case of the Missing Sherlock Scooby
has been solved, and the case has been closed!
As you know, Sherlock Scooby had been helping Ms. Dennis teach Parkway's students all about Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous detective character, Sherlock Holmes.  Then, about a week before Reading Day, he went missing.  There were clues throughout the our school, and students used deductive reasoning to contribute their suggestions. 
Today,  Mrs. Hershkowitz revealed that she had taken Sherlock Scooby because he had a serious booboo, which shehoped could be fixed, but didn't want to get the whole school worried about him.  However, the doctor was able to patch our Sherlock Scooby so well, you can't even tell that there had been anything wrong with him!  Thank you Mrs. Hershkowitz!
If you want to know the meaning of each clue, scroll down below the pictures from the day.  There were no red herrings!

Explanation of the Clues:
("Elementary, my dear Watson") 

1.     The paw prints and foot prints by the library: Mrs. Hershkowitz had picked up Sherlock Scooby from the library to rush him to the vet, and in our rush he dropped his pipe, and she dropped the bone she had grabbed to keep him happy.

2.    The scooter marks & paw prints going past Mrs. Mann’s room:

   a.    Sherlock Scooby couldn’t find his bones (they were placed in display case by Miss Sally accidentally)

   b.    Sherlock Scooby ran to Mrs. Mann’s room looking for the bones because Mrs. Mann’s has a dog & keeps dog treats handy.

3.    The footprints & paw prints going in Mrs. Jung’s room: 

   a.    Sherlock Scooby's collar got caught on the telephone cord when Mrs. Hershkowitz tried to call the doctor, and then he dropped his magnifying glass trying to get loose.

4.    The footprints and pawprints in the main hallway: As Mrs. Hershkowitz was coming from Mrs. Jung’s room, Sherlock Scooby dropped his other bone.  She was in such a rush to get him to the doctor that she didn’t stop to pick it up.

5.    The footprints & paw prints near the Music Room:

   a.    Sherlock Scooby lost his band aid as Mrs. Hershkowitz was trying to bring him back to her office before going to the doctor.

6.    The scooter tracks & paw prints leading to playground door:

   a.    After Sherlock Scooby lost his band aid, I was very worried that all his stuffing would come out, so Mrs. Hershkowitz grabbed her scooter- this was quickest way outside to bring him to doctor.

   b.   Mrs. Hershkowitz tried to hold him, but he kept wriggling to get down, which is why his paw prints kept disappearing.

We all want to thank all of you for your helpful deductions. 

The Case of the Missing Sherlock Scooby is closed!