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Superintendent’s Highlight of the Week: February 17, 2017

Superintendent’s Highlight of the Week
February 17, 2017


I have given serious thought to inviting members of Congress to Mr. Graham and Mrs. Laviola’ s fourth grade class to have the students teach a lesson in how our government works effectively.   These students have recently worked together to recreate the process of how a bill can be turned into a law.  They watched videos, and examined flow charts about the process and read the true story about James Ale, a boy who successfully petitioned the mayor of his town, to create a park for children.




The students began to think of things that they would like changed at Stratford Road.  They generated a list of ideas and debated which two of the ten ideas would be turned into a bill.   During this process, they learned which ideas would benefit the entire school, rather than just a single class or a grade.  They decided that having a science fair and creating a library in the cafeteria during lunch would be two ideas everyone can benefit from.




The class was divided into two groups, representing the assembly and the senate.  Each group turned the ideas into two separate bills. They each carefully provided reasons why these bill should be passed.  Once the bill was drafted, each group (assembly and senate) had to debate and vote to pass the bill.  




The Legislature was very pleased to send Petition 1701 (cafeteria library) and Petition 1702 (Stratford Road Science Fair) to Dr. Clark and Mrs. Winters (Governor and Lt. Governor) for their consideration.


I was present for the resolution of the bills and was pleased to see one of the two (Petition 1701) enacted into Stratford law.  The cafeteria will have a student created library in the cafeteria, using donated books children love to read during their down time. 


The students learned that people can get things done in our government if they are persistent and if they follow the process. A lesson we all hope to see on the national stage.   Happy President’s Day.