Middle School Advisory Program (MAP)

  • The Goals of the Middle School Advisory Program are:

    • To create a community environment that cultivates healthy, positive peer relationships.
    • To help students develop positive character traits and discover what is unique about themselves and others so that they come to respect, value and appreciate the many differences among people.
    • To create a safe environment to support success and promote personal growth as positive middle school students through facilitated, meaningful experiences.
    • To ensure that each student is known well at school by at least one adult who is that child’s advocate, thereby providing a safe haven for all students.

    Students will meet with their Middle School Advisory Program (MAP) group for the first 10 minutes of each morning. The groups are mixed with all grade levels.  Once a month students will have an extended MAP that lasts 26 minutes. The extended time allows for lengthier individual or school-wide activities. MAP provides students with the opportunity to make connections across grade levels. Announcements are made during this time and attendance is taken. Students and will stay with their group for all four years of their middle school experience.