Welcome to Project Challenge 2017-2018  

    Mrs. Engel and Ms. Winick 
    Mrs. Engel  434-3308  POBMS       pengel@pobschools.org
    Ms. Winick  434-3250  Mattlin MS     Swinick@pobschools.org

    A  Place where INQUIRY is valued and CREATIVITY is fostered!


    Learning is a dynamic process of being open to wonder and puzzlement and coming to know and understand the world.
            Our program is designed to provide challenging academic experiences in an intellectually and stimulating classroom environment.  Here, students are encouraged to become motivated leaders, productive group members, proficient researchers, and curious, fun-loving children.
              remindgoogle classroomnearpodkahootdiscovery education
    We use a variety of technology application in Project Challenge every year. 
    Here are some of the ones that we commonly visit. 
    Remind.com is used to communicate with our parent community about upcoming events or to remind students about projects or work that is due. 
    Google Classroom is the platform we use for documents and presentations. Each student has their own account on the district platform.  Google Classroom can be accessed from any computer with Internet. 
    Nearpod is an interactive teaching community.  Nearpod is an interactive platform.  We can interact with our students in real time. 
    Kahoot is a way to check in with students.
    Discovery Education is a multimedia platform which curates and collects media across disciplines.
    All of these applications are being used by educators and students to connect to the world around us. If you are not on remind please send us an email and we will arrange for you to have access.