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    Plainview-Old Bethpage students at every level are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of research opportunities through the District-wide Research program. The program offers instructional experiences in research procedures, and places the students in competitions that reinforce and extend the curriculum.
    At the high school level, students are involved in both qualitative and quantitative research. An after school independent research class open to all interested students offers opportunities for studies in math, social sciences, science, linguistics and other fields. Student researchers utilize the Internet,keep detailed journals and meet individually with teachers.

    At the middle level: New

    Mattlin Middle School: Eighth Grade School Research Link

    Thesis Development Worksheet


    POB Middle School: Eighth Grade School Research Links

    In the elementary schools plans are in progress to introduce various competitions. The motto of the research program is: To be in it is to win.These competitions, and these kinds of experiences, help students see the real world, and realize that what they are learning in their daily studies allows them to participate the in many exciting opportunities beyond the classroom.