Health Examinations are required for all new entrants and for students in grades 5 and 7.  Exams must be dated no more than 12 months prior to the first day of school the year in which they are requested, or the date of entrance to the school for new students.  Forms must be submitted to the school nurse within 30 days of school entry.  Students who do not submit a health exam will be scheduled for a health appraisal by the school physician.  The attached New York State Education Department Form is preferred but any form submitted that includes your child’s height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, scoliosis exam, BMI and weight status category will be accepted.  The form must be signed and stamped by your child’s personal physician, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.  Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, only the NYSED Form will be accepted. 

    A Dental Health Certificate is also requested at some time during the school year for students in grades 5 and 7.

    Scoliosis screening is required for girls in grades 5 and 7.  If scoliosis screening results are documented on the required health examination form, school screening will not be necessary.  If not documented on the examination form, the student will be screened in school.

    Vision screenings are performed for all students in grades 5 and 7.  Screening includes near vision and distance acuity.  Vision screening for new entrants includes near vision, distance acuity and color perception.

    Hearing screenings are done for all new entrants and all students in grades 5 and 7.

    A referral form will be mailed home if a student requires further evaluation for scoliosis, vision and/or hearing.

    Students in grades 7 and 8 who would like to participate in Interscholastic Athletics must provide the nurse with a Health Examination done within one year of the date of the sport, an Emergency Contact Information Form, and Health History Form (both found in the “Athletic Participation Contract”).  New Emergency Contact Information Forms and Health History Forms are required for each sport.


    The following forms are attached for your convenience:


    NYS School Health Examination Record

    Body Mass Index opt out letter

    Dental Health Certificate

     NYS Immunization Requirements

    Administration of Medication Form and Instructions

    Interscholastic Athletic Participation Contract

    Concussion Information Sheet

    Letter Regarding Religious Exemption from Vaccinations