• Mindfulness


    The buzzword, Mindfulness has been everywhere! However, there is something to it. It's a code word for slowing down and taking in the moment. Anchoring yourself in such a constantly moving world. Below are some apps, articles and quick techniques used to incorporate mindfulness into your busy day. Please note that children of all ages can benefit from it.

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  • What is Worry?

    What is Worry?

    Worrying is a natural emotion that helps us accomplish goals and tasks. For instance, one wouldn't student for a test if they were not worried about it, consequently earning a low grade. However, strong worries can also be debilitating. When worries takes you or your child away from things you once loved then managing the worry is important. Below are a few links I use to show what worry is and determine how one changing their thought process in order to re-frame their worries.

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  • Coping Skills Checklist

    Coping Skills Checklist

    Everyone has different ways to regulate their emotions depending on their needs. Coping skills to manage a larger emotion can fall into many categories depending on your or your child's needs: movement (physical) skills, processing skills, calming skills, sensory skills or distraction skills. On this checklist take a quick check in to see where you fall. Then try some new coping skills to help get you through high tension times.

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