4th to 5th Grade
    Click the link above for information about the 4th to 5th Grade Transition!


    What an exciting time!  We are already getting ready for your children to join the POBMS school community.   There are many programs that will take place towards the end of this school year to help you and your child get ready as well.4th to 5th transition


    Some Events to Remember:

    • Spring 2018 - Incoming Grade 5 Parent Transition Program
    • June 2018 - Assembly and Tour for Elementary Schools
    • June 2018 - POBMS visits Stratford Road
    • June 2018 - POBMS visits Pasadena



    Starting middle school is a big step and it comes along with social, physical and academic changes.  We work closely with our students and their families to support them in many different ways.  The 5th Grade Guidance Counselor will remain with his or her students for the next four years.  To speak with your child's Guidance Counselor, please contact the Guidance Office at 434-3319.