• Señora / Madame Kleinman    
    Español 3H y AP Español Lengua y Cultura
    Français 1 pour les Débutants Avancés
      The many uses of adding a language
         - Communicate with others in other countries while traveling or studying there
         - Help others in our town, state and country who do not speak enough English to help themselves in various situations
         - Increase your knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes from Latin, Greek and Germanic languages to boost your scores on standardized examinations 
         - Add a skill to your college or work resume
         - Understand the way people of other cultures think and interact in their own countries, and as immigrants in our country 
      How parents can help kids increase their fluency:
         - Watch some international television programming every day, either in the language the student is studying or about the culture in which the language is spoken, for example, House Hunters International shows people from the United States and other countries who are looking for a home in a new country where they will live, work and raise their children, HBO Español presents all kinds of round the clock programming in Spanish from full-length feature films to soap operas, to self-help shows, to children's shows and cartoons, and if you can get access to it, the Canadian Channel, TV5, broadcasts in French 24/7/365.
         - Get a home hard-copy delivery or on-line subscription to The Sunday Times, and be sure that you show your kids the Travel Section and The Week in Review: these always present a glimpse of the way Americans see the world, and how the rest of the world sees us.
         - Have your kids change their phone settings, Facebook page, and email page into Spanish or French; this way, they will automatically see the language they are studying in print in their every day communications.
         - Set your television to "Close-Captioning" and bring up the running Spanish or French as your kids watch their favorite programs. The translations may not be perfect, but most of the vocabulary related to the show in progress will be correct.
         - Give your kids sticky notes and have them label everything in their rooms: that way, they will see the foreign language as they come and go