Caught Demonstrating PRIDE Awards
Each month, Mattlin staff members are "catching" students who are demonstrating their PRIDE.   This award recognizes students for doing their Personal best, showing Respect, controlling their Impulses, making good Decisions, and demonstrating Empathy.  We are very thankful for the positive contributions that these students have made to our school community.  
October's Recipients: 
cdp                                                 Mrs. Torreano, Spencer Axelrod, Brian Futterman, & Mrs. Ralton
CDP Award  
Mrs. Torreano, Stephen Karlquist, Sam Endelson, Kaitlyn Eng, Alyssa Reifer, & Mrs. Luzzi
Top Row: Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Schwartz, Ronald Cheng, & Mrs. Riley                                               Bottom Row: Josh Lee, Kimon Vontas, Brendan Khazzam, Brett Lester, Hunter Pearlstein, Michael Rovinsky, Ryan Sheflin, Ian Moskowitz, Joseph Starr, Noah Kule, & Dylan Rubin