•  The following article is reprinted from the June, 2015 Guidance Newsletter

    Distracted Driving is Hazardous to Your Health...and Mine
    We all know that texting while driving is against the law and creates serious risks for accidents. But what does psychological science tell us about the effects of distractions on drivers? It turns out, quite a lot.
    Human factors research is the branch of psychology that combines "technology with psychology to improve the relationship between people and machines, which can enhance performance, productivity and safety" according to the American Psychological Association. This type of research demonstrated the measurable impact of texting on driver distraction and led to changes in law and policy that have been adopted in over 40 states across the country. The research of Dr. David Strayer, cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Utah, showed that even talking on a hands-free device while driving resulted in a four times higher risk of getting into a car accident and that is the same elevation in risk associated with drunk driving.
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