• SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard
    If you can use a computer, you can use a SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard. It's that easy!
    The interactive whiteboard has a touch-sensitive screen that connects to your computer and projector. You can control computer applications directly from the screen, write notes in digital ink and save your work so you can present it later.
    SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard Basics
     Learn how to orientate the interactive whiteboard, control applications and write, erase and save notes. 
    Orientating your SMARTboard
     Learn how and when to orientate your interactive whiteboard.  
    SMARTBoard Notebook Software 10 Tips and Tricks
    These videos help youto create interactive lessons that will engage your students. Pleaseuse Microsoft Iternet Explorer to view this set of videos.
    SMART Notebook software 10 Lesson Planning and Delivery
    Lesson on how to create lesson material with Notebook software. Add interactive elements to get students involved.
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