• SAFENET was formed by a group of concerned parents. Their initial goal was to educate themselves and others on the issue of drug and alcohol abuse by their children. The subject matter soon expanded to include peer pressure, self-esteem, disciplining your child, anger control, AIDS, eating disorders and any subject which can help parents improve their parenting techniques. 


    The concept of parent networking is an effective and often vital approach to parenting. SAFENET is affiliated with the school district through the office of Pupil Personnel. They are sponsored through a New York State grant, "Safe and Drug-Free Schools".


    Three years ago they created a Parent Resource Center located in POB Middle School. The center has videos, tapes and books on virtually every subject related to parenting which are available for parents to borrow.
    Topics include:

    • sibling rivalry

    • stress

    • special needs and gifted

    • teens

    • drug and alcohol abuse

    • dealing with grief and loss

    • the angry child

    They are constantly expanding their resources. See a listing of SAFENET Resource Titles by Topic. SAFENET sponsors three speaker presentations per year and sends topical information home to parents on an ongoing basis. We encourage parents to make use of this website and to visit the Parent Resource Center.


    Please contact Linda Jakobs for more information at 516-938-2866 or pobseptaprez@aol.com .