• Bienvenidos a la clase de español
    Señora Yanch
    7th Grade Curriculum
    A .Preliminary-
    A. Salutations
    B. Weather
    -seasons -months-days of weeks
    C. Numbers 0-30
    I. Chapter 1
    A. Nouns (masculine & feminine)
    B. Definite v. Indefinite Articles
    C. Question Words
    D. Subject Pronouns (all of them)
    E. SER-all forms & DONOT
    F. Adjectives & extras
    II. Chapter 2.
    A. Classes
    B. Time
    C. Numbers 31-100  

    III. Chapter 3.
    A. School supplies
    B. -ar verbs
    C. -er verbs
    D. -ir verbs
    E. Clothing
    F. Colors
    IV. Chapter 4.
    A. ESTAR - all forms & HELPS
    B. Places
    C. IR (to go)
    D. Transportation (a + el) (de + el)
    E. Prepositions